BlackBerry Curve 8250 Wifi Problem

Nicole - Dec 6, 2010 at 11:56 AM
 Adamm - Feb 4, 2011 at 10:49 AM

My brother brought me my phone about 4 months ago but not using a contract so I had to pay 10 pounds a week for my unlimited internet which I later switched off. So I was using available wi-fi sources like the one in my house and others I knew. About a month after using wifi it stopped working, the phone finds the router and says "connected" but when I try to use the internet it doesn't work. Also, the small wifi logo on the home screen isn't lit up white.
Please help as soon as possible! Thanks

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i also have problem with my black berry 8250, I tried to connect to a wlan network, instead of me providing the pin into my bb its my bb who provide a pin and statted that I have to input the certain pin into the router, how can i? and I even cannot send via bluetooth.. can somebody help me with my problem, pleas
You have to change your settings on your router, on you router there is a stcker that has the ip address on it, jus connect to the router with your pc and type in the ip adress in the toulbar, then change the wifi schannel to 6 :)
And Krista when u click on scan for networks, find yours and when it asks whether you want to enter it into your router jus scroll down and click on back then it will work
hope this helps, Adam.