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Managing all your smartphone data and applications from your desktop is almost impossible to do without an appropriate program like BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This application will help you to organize your BlackBerry device and all its content.

What is BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

BlackBerry Desktop Manager is a solution to manage and protect your BlackBerry's data from being compromised or lost. It is a bundle of different tools specifically created for your BlackBerry and allows you to perform many actions as if you were performing them from your mobile device (managing folders, locking/unlocking, changing PIN code, synchronizing your calendar, etc.).

What are the key features of BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

  • This application's main purpose is to synchronize your device with your computer. Whether for media files, e-mail or for applications, BlackBerry Desktop Manager manages an efficient link between your Smartphone and your desktop without any data loss. As well as that, in order to ensure the smooth running of your BalckBerry device, the software features an automatic updating system which informs you every time there is a new version of your Smartphone applications available.
  • Apart from that, the software organizes all your emails, appointments and so forth so as to keep your agenda up to date. BlackBerry Desktop Manager supports various programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Calendar, IBM, Lotus, Yahoo and extracts data from these to complete your device's information.
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How to install BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

  1. Download and launch the executable file we provide you at the top of this page.
  2. Once installed and launched, connect your Blackberry device to your PC.

How to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

BlackBerry has produced a dedicated getting started guide if you want to learn how to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Is BlackBerry Desktop Manager free?

Yes, it is free to download. 

Is BlackBerry Desktop Manager safe?

Yes, it is considered safe.

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