Interrupted bios flash failed.

Rumpunchking - Jan 27, 2011 at 06:33 PM
 Arty - Jan 30, 2011 at 06:25 PM
unit: hp mini 110-1100. Preloaded WinXpSP3
Initial problem: stubborn virus which removed all Admin. Control of unit. After running anti virus program 3 times notebook responded. Did a win restore to a point 2 weeks earlier. On reboot Nothing. Black screen no beeps power and CPU lights glowing; fan can be heard; created a USB flash drive boot disk. Screen back on, notebook booted to Dos, loaded I386
File ran winnt. at set up screen selected R to enter recovery console. No copy of windows found on any partition. Continued with setup after deleting existing partition. Setup completed reboot done unit started ok. Wanted to restore all OEM settings. Decided to updated the bios. This proved to be the kiss of death. Correct bios flash was used, but I forgot to plug in A/C adapter. Flashing started I noticed a low battery warning but before I could plug adapter in unit shut down. I left everything as is until unit recharged hoping against hope that unit would right itself. No such luck. I'm lost now. Is there any viable repair solution. Short of buying a new unit? Please help me.


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Well typically failing a bios flash is the absolute worse case scenario but you might be lucky depending on your comp. but it would take sum work opening the comp removing the battery on the motherboard and changing the jumper settings to hopefully recover the original bios. but again this is only limited to certain comps you may need to chalk it up to a parts computer on ebay.