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Connect and sync your Samsung phone with the system using this tool.
that's so cool
very super
The website said it was downloaded on my mac 10.9 . But my phone will still not connect. " No software found" I see no download on my computer?
I have just downloaded on my mac running 10.9 and the system will not allow me to install it, as it came from and untrusted source.!!
> Mick
Your security settings state that you can only download from an apple source.Click on the apple in the left upper hand courner, then system preferences, security and privacy. Under the general tab the download will be visible. Click on install anyway and it will install for you. It only takes a minute. There you go.
> Mick
Yup, me too. And the Apple App store does not have Kies. Hurumph.
download does not work on mac os x 10.5 or later!!!!!!!!!!!!!