Is this what the future of mobile phones looks like?

Is this what the future of mobile phones looks like?

Motorola is envisioning a future where not only humans but also our devices are incredibly flexible. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, the company showcased its latest bendable prototype.

What immediately catches the eye is that unlike the already established foldable phones, Motorola's device isn't just flexible in one area. This means not only the display but also the phone's internal components need to be flexible. To achieve this, Motorola has divided the battery into several rib-like segments on the back. More insights into this innovation can be seen in the accompanying video.

Dubbed the 'Adaptive Display Concept' by Motorola, this flexible phone concept boasts a 6.9-inch FHD+ pOLED display when fully opened and laid flat. The device is capable of adapting to various shapes and forms, including being worn on the wrist like a bracelet. This groundbreaking development builds upon Motorola's earlier explorations in 2016 and integrates advancements in display and mechanical innovations over the years. However, whether this concept will materialize into a commercial product remains to be seen.


In addition to the flexible display concept, Motorola introduced the MotoAI assistant and other AI-powered features at the Lenovo Tech World '23 event. MotoAI is touted to be a personal assistant that works across smartphones and PCs, aiding users in tasks like answering questions, drafting messages, and scheduling tasks. While the exact timeline for the rollout of MotoAI is unclear, Motorola's commitment to AI extends to enhancing the user experience through various applications.

One notable AI feature is the development of an AI model that generates multiple images based on the user's outfit, which can be used as wallpapers on the device. This AI operates locally on the device, ensuring user privacy. Additionally, Motorola is enhancing its Doc Scanner app with AI capabilities to improve image quality by reducing wrinkles and shadows. Moreover, the company is working on an AI Text Summarization feature to condense lengthy texts such as chats, emails, and articles, making information more digestible for users.

The timeline for the release of Motorola's bendable phone and associated AI features remains uncertain. While the company has showcased prototypes and concepts at events like the Mobile World Congress and Lenovo Tech World, there has been no official announcement regarding commercial availability. It typically takes time for innovative concepts to undergo further development, testing, and refinement before they are ready for mass production and release to consumers.