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Dear All,
I am a little bit understanding or studied about Networking since long years ago, i never practice it, i was in Thailand, when i arrived USA, everything is very huge difference even education. so right now make me forget at all about Networking.
Let me get a good idea from you,
If i want to be Network Admin,
-What following Course should i study(from the beginning)? and can you provide me the link?
-If we talk or study about networking, will we need to study about Cisco and Microsoft Windows? I don't know clearly about network admin need us to complete Cisco or no? i just maybe know Sicos base on hardware and security.
-What Requirement that need us to study networking?
Any Wrong please correct me.
Please privde me more any idea related this.
Best Regards,

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Oct 23, 2013 at 10:41 AM
Good Morning.

Please understand, all communications follow protocol. A computer network is a group of computers using the same protocol.

See here

After you understand the 10,000 foot view, start breaking down the "model" of how a protocol is used.

You must be able to grasp and understand LAYERED networking as in the 7 layer OSI model. Under its official name, the Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model, or the OSI model, was developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

Any CCNA test wil test you extensively on your knowledge of the 7 layers and what happens in each layer. Start with your OSI model 7 layers, after you understand the different types of networks (wan,lan, man). Regardless of how it is writen, layer 1 is always physical, as in the following types:

*electric voltages (ethernet cable, hubs, repeaters)
*radio frequencies (wireless)
*pulses of infrared or ordinary light (ad hoc line of site)

Networking is networking. Now each hardware vendor will have a set of features within their own hardware that will accomplish different functions on the network. Although CISCO has the corner on the market, there are other vendors that make good routing products. Most of the time, when it comes to computer stuff, you have to take into account, what is already in place (leverage), and what do you know (experience).

One of the best thing that I used to love about being a network consulant for a certain vendor, I knew the other guys weak points, and I always wrote all of my REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS to state the fact the product had to do X, Y and Z. I knew the other guy could only do X, and Y, and never Z. We won everytime!

Have fun!