How to dns configure behind router for domain

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Hello, thanks in advance

I want to setup own web server on server 2008 but i have no idea, I have static ip but it is running behind router. how to setup ip and dns ? how to check isp dns are working with my domain name? how to check my domain is properly configured with dns.
please help me .

how to dns configure behind router for domain

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Oct 23, 2013 at 10:03 AM
Good Morning.

Is your static IP from your ISP?

If it is, you need a NAT(network translation table) in your router. Set your webserver to some IP range as static In your router set up a NAT for your webserver at

Now, if you have a registered domain, point your DNS record on you domain host for a name record of your static IP address that your ISP is housing. (if you do not have a registered domain name, then just use the static ip address your ISP is providing.

When a search for DNS of YOURDOMAIN.NET happens, it resolves to your ISP static address, it routes there, hits your router, and the NAT then translates the local network to

This is HIGH Level and really contains no details, just the basics of where to start looking.