My computer problem

 Bq32 -
yes I have a new HP pavillion and whenever I go to burn my music it gives me an error message is not responding....what does this mean and how do I fix it??

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1. Is it saying that "windows media player" isn't responding? Or "windows" isn't responding? If it's "Windows", You don't have to read further, I cannot help you there, you just may need to reinstall windows (they should've given you the disc)

2. If it is "Windows Media Player," try, instead of burning in Windows Media Player, try copying the songs into the blank disc in "Computer" (either D:, where D is the CD Drive Letter, or "Blank Disc"), then Click "Write these files to the disc," or something along the lines of that On the side of the window, or n one of the menus.

3. If there is no CD (in "Computer"), check to make sure that you have a CD-RW drive, and not CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (DVD-RW should work).