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Hi...I want to compare two column from two different sheet which contain time and date.In sheet A column with date and time.In sheet B , there are two column.First column with date and time and in second column there is some text....I want that text in sheet A against Time and Date.but there is one condition ....Time and Date from Sheet B is less or equal to Time and date from Sheet A , by 2 hrs.....Eg. If 19-06-2017 19:53:49 this time in Sheet A then I required data from Sheet B Which is less then equal to (19-06-2017 19:53:49 - 2hrs).

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To reference another sheet, it is as simple as:

Are you familiar with logic like <, >, and =? If so, you can use the IF function for something like:

=IF(Sheet1!A1 > Sheet2!A1, true, false)

Have FUN!

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