How to setup Network for 4 computers

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Kindly help me setup a network with four computers for a school.

From preschool to upper primary.

Thank you.

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OK, do you want a domain controller, or just a work group.

This is what it takes for a workgroup:

PC one- change the name to PC_one , make it part of the WORKGROUP "SCHOOL".

PC two - change the name to PC_two, and have it join the workgroup "SCHOOL".

PC three - change the name to PC_three, and have it join the workgroup "SCHOOL".

PC four - change the name to PC_four, and have it join the workgroup "SCHOOL".

Viola, you have a working networked workgroup! If you wish to share resource in this manner, you must give the user (lets call her Sue) access to the shared resource. So, if Sue logs into PC_one, but needs access to PC_two, then PC_Two share needs to give access to the user named PC_one\Sue!

Have fun!

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A computer network or data network is a digital telecommunications network which allows nodes to share resources. In computer networks, networked computing devices exchange data with each other using a data link. The connections between nodes are established using either cable media or wireless media.
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Wow thanks for sharing. I don't know what I have been thinking since 1994?