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  • Version 1.2.2b
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Diablo IV is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment as the fourth main title in the Diablo series. For the first time in Diablo, wander and discover a beautifully crafted open world with no loading screen. Choose your class, inch through this hellish world, level up, find and enhance rare weapons and items, and fight for your life and others.


Diablo IV story happens way after the events of Diablo II: Resurrected and 50 years after Diablo III.

Thousands of years ago, the war between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells was raging, as it always had. But in the midst of the battles and conflicts, nothing's impossible, and a seed of hope started to grow in the heart of two very special creatures, the Queen of the Succubi named Lilith, and the Archangel Inarius. As they wanted to escape this endless conflict, they decided to create a refuge for everyone sharing their wish, and the realm of Sanctuary was built.

Their demon-angel relationship gave birth to a very special kind of being, the Nephalems. Those living in Sanctuary started to claim these creatures would bring attention to their shelter and risk everyone's life. The inhabitants attempted to destroy the Nephalems, but Lilith, protecting her children, killed anyone daring to oppose her. Inarius, scared and sad, chose to banish her to the void.

As neither love nor banishment last eternally, Lilith is back, vengeful and bloodthirsty.


  • Classes: You can access 5 different classes depending on your playstyle, including the Barbarian, the Sorcerer, the Druid, the Rogue, and the Necromancer. The Barbarian is this muscular fighter expert in all forms of close combat, fighting with brutality and charging at enemies to destroy everything along the way. The Sorcerer is the master of arcane art and shapes the elements into whatever form is needed to defeat enemies, from impaling foes upon jagged spikes of ice, hurling bolts of lighting, or raining flaming meteors. The Druid is a savage shapeshifter who can seamlessly transform between the forms of a werewolf, a bear, and more; the Druid can also command the power of earth, wind, and storm to unleash the wrath of nature. The Rogue is a very agile and adaptable warrior who can specialize in close-quarters or ranged combat by performing powerful combo attacks, using deadly poisons, and even shadow magic to slay demons. The Necromancer can summon vengeful hordes of undead from the void or fallen enemies.
  • Crafting and Gear: Seek rewards and loot legendary items along your journey to boost your stats and unleash your wrath. Different categories are available depending on your class, and you can even enhance them using runes and runewords. Another cool possibility is your ability to adapt them by extracting their bonuses or crafting for specific modifications.
  • Character creation: Once you choose your class, you can thoroughly customize your warrior appearance, as over 8 trillion combinations are possible. Indeed, you can pimp tiny details, pick unique class-specific hairstyles, and go down to eye color, body marking, accessories, and many more possibilities.
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  • Buildcrafting: This title brings more possibilities through class-specific richer skill trees. As you level up, you can pick and improve the skills you want to make your character more powerful. A vast amount of offensive, defensive, passive, and elemental skills are available and turn you into death on the battlefield. Besides, the class mechanics are serially unlocked at various points in the campaign, making it more pleasant to progress. In the end, you will be surprised to discover unique twists through ability and skill combinations.
  • Open world: This is an open-world experience wherein you can travel across all the different regions and dungeons without any loading screens. In addition, you can complete each region in the order you want (hence, the story is non-linear, and enemies are scaled to the player).
  • Level-design and Mounts: The world of Sanctuary is vast and full of diversified and dense environments. Luckily, you can mount up and fastly traverse it on your steed. Oh, and note that it is the first title in the Diablo series to allow you to pass vertical and horizontal obstacles.
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  • Dungeons: Thanks to the procedural generation system, you will enjoy hundreds of different dungeons for a limitless experience. Be brave and face those shadowy places full of abominations, monsters, and who knows what else.
  • Strongholds: Pacify abandoned strongholds and claim them once again to give a new refuge to the inhabitants of Sanctuary. Cling onto your faith, as you need to be as heroic as the places are devastated.
  • World bosses: Gigantic monstrous creatures will cross your path in open-world areas. Relentlessly fight them in multi-stage battles and get rewarded with unique items. Of course, you need to engage in combats with the help of other players (unless you want to die), and up to 12 players can participate.
  • Paragon boards: They add more replayability in the late game. Indeed, you can keep expanding and modifying your character's skills and build by using Paragon points toward stat upgrades or more powerful effects. It leads to a completely new experience as you can theorycraft and design a unique build.
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Graphics and sound

Diablo IV graphics are gorgeous throughout the different places, CGI cutscenes, in-engine cutscenes happening between major story missions, and in-game animations. The various beautiful places and corruption stigma successfully create vibrant environments, but you will also be delighted by the rich visual effects during battles against detailed creatures, monsters, and demons.

The finely composed OST is rightly depicted as memorable, and it handsomely blends with the great voice acting and carefully created roars of creatures and demons.

Graphics and sound are a success, and the whole mix offers a very thrilling, satisfying, and immersive experience made of blood, mystery, demons, and epic fights.

Duration and game modes

You are likely to spend around 20 hours if you focus on the main objectives, but it is likely to take you around 50 hours or more to unveil everything the game offers. Regarding game modes, several options exist, including single-player and multiplayer, Normal and Hardcore settings, and World Tiers.

Single-player and multiplayer

  • Single-player: You play as a lone wolf but can join a team whenever you want. Still, there is no way to play offline.
  • Multiplayer: You can play as a team of up to 4 players. The party leader's state of the campaign and world will be used. You can talk and communicate with your teammates through the in-game voice chat. As an incentive to play in groups, the more numerous you are in a team, the more XP bonus you get.
  • PvP: PvP battles take place when you enter PvP zones. If you make yourself "hostile", these high-risk, high-reward areas of Sanctuary allow you to face other players and their valuable loot. 

Normal and Hardcore

They are options to set up how your experience is affected upon death. Normal and Hardcore settings are not related to difficulty levels, drop rates, or any bonus.

  • Normal: You get the original experience and revive each time you die.
  • Hardcore: Death is permanent, and your experience with your character ends.

World Tiers

World Tiers are settings affecting many gameplay parameters in the game, including difficulty levels, experience bonuses, gold bonuses, and more. On your first playthrough, you can only access the first two World Tiers as the other one will be unlocked afterward.

  • Adventurer: Available from the start. This is the default World Tier when you start your first game. It is perfect for new players without experience or for those who want to sail through the campaign without additional difficulties. Regarding levels, it is appropriate from levels 1 through 50.
  • Veteran: Available from the start. Relevant for experienced Diablo players or for those who want more challenge. Regarding levels, it is appropriate from levels 1 through 50. You will get a +20% XP bonus and a +15% gold bonus, but the enemies are more challenging.
  • Nightmare: Available once you complete the Campaign and the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad on World Tier Veteran. For players who want a significant challenge. Regarding levels, it is appropriate from levels 50 through 70. You will get a +100% XP bonus and a +15% gold bonus, but the enemies are more challenging as they overcome 20% resistance. In addition, Nightmare Sigils that unlock Nightmare Dungeons can drop, Sacred and Unique items can drop, Helltides can appear across Sanctuary, and Champion monsters with resistance auras can appear.
  • Torment: Available once you complete the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon in the northeastern Dry Steppes on World Tier Nightmare. For players who are extremely experienced and skilled. Regarding levels, it is appropriate for level +70. You will get a +200% XP bonus and a +15% gold bonus, but the enemies are more challenging as they overcome 40% resistance. In addition, Ancestral items and new Unique items can drop, as well as other features from the World Tier Nightmare.

What do the reviews say?

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Diablo IV has a Metacritic score of 87/100.

"Diablo IV delivers the sequel we've been expecting for years. It's definitely the best incarnation of the saga with minor flaws that are eclipsed by the excellent gaming experience it provides and the immense replay value it offers." (Atomix)

Age rating


Diablo IV is rated PEGI 18 as it contains violence.

Is Diablo IV cross-play?

Diablo IV supports cross-play among all available platforms.

Is Diablo IV cross-progression?

Yes, Diablo IV supports cross-progression on all available platforms.

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