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Embark on a seamless journey of smart cooling with ASUS Fan Xpert 4, the perfect blend of performance and silence for your PC. Tailored for every use, from intense gaming to quiet work sessions, it offers dynamic fan calibration and intuitive controls in a user-friendly interface. Monitor your system's performance in real time, adjust fan speeds for optimal cooling and noise reduction, and enjoy compatibility with various fan types.

What is ASUS Fan Xpert 4?

ASUS Fan Xpert 4 is an advanced fan control software designed to optimize the performance and noise levels of your computer's fans. This utility is part of the ASUS AI Suite, a comprehensive set of tools that manage various aspects of computer hardware.

Note: ASUS Fan Xpert 4 is designed to work with ASUS motherboards.

What are the key features of ASUS Fan Xpert 4?

  • Dynamic fan calibration: This involves using sensors to detect the unique characteristics of each fan in your system. The software then optimizes their performance based on these traits and where they're located in your system.
  • Custom fan tuning: Here, you get to control the speed of your CPU and chassis fans in detail. You can adjust these speeds based on how hot your system is or how much load it's under.
  • Intuitive interface: The software offers a graphical user interface that's easy to use. It covers a range of system information like CPU speed, temperature, and more, offering a comprehensive overview at a glance. Moreover, in the main window, you'll find a summary of the current status of your system's fans.
  • Smart mode: This mode lets you set up custom fan speed curves that respond to your system's temperature. It's all about giving you cooling that's tailored to your system's specific needs.
  • RPM mode: In this mode, you can specify fan speeds for when your CPU temperature is below 75℃.
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  • Customizable profiles: You can create and switch between custom profiles for different scenarios, like gaming, overclocking, or quiet operation. This flexibility allows you to optimize your system's cooling performance or noise levels according to your current needs.
  • System integration: The software is designed to work seamlessly with ASUS motherboards. This means you get enhanced control and might even find some extra features specific to your ASUS hardware.
  • Energy efficiency: It's not just about keeping things cool; it's also about doing it efficiently. The software helps reduce your overall energy usage by adjusting fan speeds based on what your system is doing.
  • Noise reduction: If you're in an environment where fan noise is a concern, this feature will be particularly useful. It aims to minimize noise by optimizing fan speeds and keeping your workspace or gaming area quieter.
  • Compatible with multiple fans: The software works with various fan types, including both 4-pin and 3-pin fans. It's also capable of controlling fans from multiple motherboards within a single system, offering broad compatibility and flexibility.

How to use ASUS Fan Xpert 4?

  1. Open AI Suite 3 and access the Fan Xpert 4 feature.
  2. Engage the Fan Tuning option to configure optimal settings for all fans. Confirm the tuning completion when the display indicates "Available".
  3. Select your preferred fan mode—Silent, Standard, Turbo, or Full Speed—which will be applied uniformly to all fans.
  4. For individual fan control, use the left/right arrow keys to select a specific fan and enter the setup by interacting with the displayed diagram.
  5. In Smart Mode, adjust the fan's rotational speed by manipulating the blue dot.
  6. Within Smart Mode, configure spin up/down durations to stabilize speed fluctuations and activate the Auto-Fan Stop for low RPM shutdowns.
  7. Through the Source option, choose up to three thermal sources to dynamically adjust fan speed based on the highest detected temperature.
  8. In RPM Fix Mode, utilize the toggle arrow for precise rotational speed settings.

Is ASUS Fan Xpert 4 free?

Yes, ASUS Fan Xpert is free to use.

Is ASUS Fan Xpert 4 safe?

Indeed, ASUS Fan Xpert is considered safe to use, so no worries.

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