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  • My Screen blacks out! Closed

    Hey there, In the past 2 or so weeks my Laptop (acer aspire 5735Z) Has been doing weird stuff. In the right hand bottom corner the corner is blacked o...

    B_ella | Latest reply: carminabigue Aug 13, 2013
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  • When I turn my laptop on a black page shows up Closed

    I bought my computer about a month and a half ago, but I keep facing problems. I have samsung series 9 windows 7 laptop. Before when my laptop did not...

    Special123 | Latest reply: Special123 Aug 13, 2013
    2 replies
  • action buttons Closed

    how do i reverse my action buttons (Fn)?? (i have a ASUS laptop) because i loved that function from my old laptop HP pavilion dv6 :) i've reseac...

    Møller | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 13, 2013
    3 replies
  • gta peoblems Closed

    hey guys i have a problem i have gta sa and gta iv no one of them would able to run thats happend after i had update my windows please help me . ...

    amjadkojak | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 13, 2013
    1 reply
  • toshiba satelite a300 Closed

    when i install win 7 64 bit it will be restated. so i never instal win 7 anybody can tell how to solve that.......... and i try tat bios capability id...

    jaisan | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 13, 2013
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  • Connecting two laptops Closed

    How can I connect two laptops and then install an operating system on one from other? Further neither laptop has a floppy drive or a CD-ROM drive in t...

    Richardfef | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 13, 2013
    1 reply
  • Toshiba NB305 Restore out of box state Closed

    Ive been trying to hold the key button down then turn on the power button. No warning sign is coming out. then later this will come out. PXE-M)F: E...

    Orlie7678 | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 13, 2013
    1 reply
  • help restore my toshiba t235 Closed

    Hi I need help. My Toshiba t235 is saying I have a recovery error:10-fc06-0002. I have three recovery disks that I tried using but after a couple ho...

    jbar1 | Latest reply: jbar1 Aug 12, 2013
    2 replies
  • Sound problem DEL Inspiron 1110 Solved/Closed

    I am at the end of my wits...... My daughter's DEL Inspiron 1110 notebook has stopped making sounds - through the internal speakers or through an HDM...

    dave j | Latest reply: dave j Aug 11, 2013
    6 replies
  • Problem replacing window 7 with window xp Closed

    Please the problem is that upon loading files from window xp service pack on my hp 630 with basic window 7, i kept receiving this error message -check...

    austech | Latest reply: austech Aug 11, 2013
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  • Replaced hard drive and restore disks don't work Closed

    I have a Toshiba L755 with Windows 7 Home Edition. My laptop starting telling me I am going to have a hard drive failure and I needed to back up file...

    smerriman | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 10, 2013
    1 reply
  • Help! left and down arrow keys are suddenly not working Closed

    Hello, i was paying a live multiplayer game on my acer laptop, till then everything was fine, the next morning keyboard's left and down control ke...

    riyaah | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 10, 2013
    1 reply
  • how to conect two laptops on windows 7 to windows7 via lan cable Closed

    hello I want to connect my two laptop to each other via (RJ45) lan cable, the two laptops having same OS i.e Windows 7,, so please send me the st...

    mahikalyan | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 10, 2013
    1 reply
  • Have an innormous problem with the cd rom Solved/Closed

    Hello, I m azhar. I have an acer machines e727. It was working fine few days back. But suddenly my cd rom stopped working. It is not shown in device...

    Azi62 | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 10, 2013
    1 reply
  • keyboard , the wrong characters or multiple characters Closed

    HELLO. When I type on my keyboard , the wrong characters or multiple characters show up, or nothing shows up at all. My mouse also freezes and stops ...

    SHONTAY07 | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 10, 2013
    1 reply
  • reset without recovery disk, error F3-F100-0004 Closed

    I tried the "hold down 0 and start", my laptop beeps but doesn't go to another screen. It just reads loading windows files and puts error message up a...

    ttotty0 | Latest reply: ac3mark Aug 10, 2013
    12 replies
  • i cant start up my laptop :( Closed

    Can you please help me fix my pronlem with my laptop , when i turn it on it says that A CERTAIN SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE IS STOPPING TO START THE SYSTEM ....

    mr.deathja | Latest reply: mr.deathja Aug 9, 2013
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  • My laptop does't start , help !!! Closed

    Hello, I have a pc toshiba nb250, yesterday it was working normally, but today when I tried to start it, it didn't start, the screen was black, no...

    @media | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 9, 2013
    1 reply
  • cannot boot up Closed

    Hello, Please advise me on my Toshiba L-305 laptop, how I can get rid of the dark screen and cursor, Thank you in advance. Preacherman63 Config...

    Preacherman63 | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 8, 2013
    1 reply
  • Laptop Pink Screen Closed

    I just got my laptop out today, and I was on one of my websites I go on alot. I went away for a minute and came back to Pink and green statics all ove...

    teabags | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 8, 2013
    1 reply
  • my computer wount start Closed

    Hello, I put on my compputer and did not start and everything is blank and I can't even go to bios setting or press anything to show, plz what can ...

    alecia17 | Latest reply: baltazar7777 Aug 7, 2013
    1 reply
  • Problem in key board Closed

    I have problem in my Lenovo laptop. When press M key in keyboard nothing is coming in monitor. When press T key automatically "TO" is coming in monito...

    Dhayanithi | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 7, 2013
    1 reply
  • sony vaio VGN-A115M Closed

    Hello,I have a sony vaio VGN-A115M laptop it is running on windows XP and was wondering how to set it back to factory settings,I do not have a windows...

    sony vaio VG... | Latest reply: sony vaio VGN-A115M Aug 6, 2013
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  • Overheated Laptop Closed

    PSKDLA-0CC00R - TOSHIBA SATELLITE L850 - My Toshiba Satelitte overheated and shutdown on Saturday. Since then it will turn on but the display won't...

    mattfagan1 | Latest reply: carminabigue Aug 6, 2013
    1 reply
  • Usb not working Closed

    I have this USB 2.0 HDD External Box and a Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 which was given to me .when i last used it there was no problem and that was a...

    surijuka | Latest reply: carminabigue Aug 6, 2013
    1 reply
  • Resetting factory settings - Toshiba L300 Closed

    Hi Can anyone help? I am trying to speed up a friends Toshiba satellite pro L300. I was hoping to restore to factory settings as there is nothi...

    Notaclue | Latest reply: baltazar7777 Aug 5, 2013
    1 reply
  • Noise from the fan while bootin or chargin Closed

    Pls, help me with possible solurion to my laptop. When am chargin or boot it, the fan used to makin noice- i.e one wil b hearin the working of the fan

    Adex08 | Latest reply: kieferschild Aug 5, 2013
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  • I can not turn on my HP laptop Closed

    Hi I can not turn my laptop. I tried with fn button and f3,f4,f5 but still it did not work. Can u pls tell me what should I do?

    Nirajshah | Latest reply: kieferschild Aug 5, 2013
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  • Fallen Android Robot On My ASUS Netbook Closed

    Hi, My netbook was having some trouble turning on and now when I turn it on it shows the ASUS logo then the fallen Android robot. Apparently this i...

    SheepShagger | Latest reply: SheepShagger Aug 4, 2013
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  • ASUS Laptop won't turn on. Battery Problem? Closed

    Hello, The ASUS laptop I've been using has trouble turning on. I thought it was out of power so I hooked it up to the charger. The laptop screen ha...

    SheepShagger | Latest reply: SheepShagger Aug 4, 2013
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  • Toshiba Laptop Won't Turn On Closed

    After it was working perfectly fine the day before my Toshiba laptop seems to have stopped working and refuses to turn on. I have already tried tak...

    jm101 | Latest reply: jm101 Aug 4, 2013
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  • how to format laptop Closed

    hot format dell windows 7 home basic laptop

    keshavmurthy | Latest reply: Zohaib R Aug 4, 2013
    1 reply
  • dell inspiron problem Closed

    i have problem with my dell inspiron laptop it is not getting open on pressing power button. it has been stopped responding from last night, showing ...

    theetla.hima... | Latest reply: Zohaib R Aug 4, 2013
    1 reply
  • need to reboot sony viao laptop busted screen Closed

    i have a sony viao laptop, i dont have the reboot disk but i know how to get to the reboot menu, the screen on the laptop is completely useless tho an...

    chrispotter05 | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 3, 2013
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  • confused Closed

    ok i have a asus laptop and it wont boot how do i make a factory disc without the boot??

    chetchetc | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 3, 2013
    1 reply
  • Shortcut keys not working on my Asus Laptop! Solved/Closed

    Okay so im not even sure they're called shortcut keys but my numlock section isn't working, the F11 for volume isn't working, The F16 for brightness, ...

    PamelaT7 | Latest reply: PamelaT7 Aug 3, 2013
    2 replies
  • cursor keeps moving down Closed

    Dear Friends, I am in computer technlogy since last 15 years and i know desktop assembling. and i am also vba excel programmer. i am facing one...

    fanku | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 3, 2013
    1 reply
  • When I turn on my laptop nothing happen Closed

    My Computer is Toshiba Sattelite L510, after i go to window key+R » cmd» edit »I wrote some letters and i want to save that letters, but the screen a...

    suonsamoun | Latest reply: VeasnaYim Aug 2, 2013
    3 replies
  • My laptop will not turn on Closed

    , Please help My laptop will not turn on. TOSHIBA

    MOHAMMED SHU... | Latest reply: MOHAMMED SHUHAIB Aug 1, 2013
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  • My laptop returns to Log On screen after my password(Win 8) Closed

    Pls, somebody help me out!!! My laptop returns to Log On screen after inputing my password, so it couldn't access DSKTOP Menu/Icons, pls if I type my ...

    MellowtechGuY | Latest reply: Zohaib R Aug 1, 2013
    1 reply
  • About Performance Closed

    My laptop really perform very slow what kind of changes or method can i used to increase its performance..?? please reply answer I need it please!!

    Safal Paudel | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 1, 2013
    1 reply
  • laptop starts but nothing comes on.. Closed

    Hi there, on my HP PAVILLION DV6000, i start the laptop, it turns on... i can hear the fan spin.. the lights comes on but the screen is blank. i rea...

    seanj | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 1, 2013
    5 replies
  • Emachines Closed

    Please help me, my emachines power light is on but the monitor is not displaying any thing at all.

    Dynamic29 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 31, 2013
    1 reply
  • My fn key not working Solved/Closed

    Hi All, I formatted my SAMSUNG laptop (WIN7). After formatting its fn keys not working. Please help me Friends, Thank You. regards , Ishan Dimu...

    Ishan944 | Latest reply: Ishan944 Jul 31, 2013
    2 replies
  • Dell Studio How to Prepare Batteries for Recycling? Solved/Closed

    rencently my Dell Studio 1535 batteri was did not work?Howcan i Prepare it for Recycling?

    lysacao | Latest reply: Zohaib R Jul 31, 2013
    2 replies
  • compaq presario cq62 wont turn on Closed

    so my compaq presario cq62 wont turn on i have tried doing the take charger and battery out hold power for 30 seconds to 2 minutes idea and it has no...

    kariz123 | Latest reply: kariz123 Jul 31, 2013
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  • Laptop's Power Button and Charger not working. Closed

    Hey, Can anyone please give me an idea about my problem, last night i shut down my laptop properly and the next day evening it was not getting star...

    ipratikgoyal | Latest reply: ipratikgoyal Jul 31, 2013
    2 replies
  • toshiba Closed

    Hi There, I have a toshiba laptop and the code for windows 7 was not working so I deleted windows from it and then reinstalled it BUT then after showi...

    tompkins | Latest reply: carminabigue Jul 30, 2013
    1 reply
  • Charging port broken? Closed

    My laptop won't turn on and will not accept the charger. I can leave the charger in for hours or days and nothing will happen. No light or anything. I...

    kierstenismy... | Latest reply: Garfter Jul 29, 2013
    1 reply
  • Laptop screen goes black Closed

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me. So I noticed that whenever I close my laptop without turning it off when I open it back up every couple of min...

    eagle4life | Latest reply: Garfter Jul 29, 2013
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