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Connex swift book pro

Hello, My laptop has a blue screen that is written "Your PC did not start correctly" and it doesn't want to restart at all...please help 

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Power button not working on compaq laptop

Hi, I'm using a hp compaq CQ 43 laptop. My power button is not working.It was working earlier today but I had to press it for a few seconds.I remo...

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My acer aspire 5742 won't turn on

My Acer Aspire 5742 is experiencing issues with powering on properly. When attempting to turn it on, it shows a blue light for about 10 seconds before...

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Video/camera settings on ms surface pro not working

As the title, my video/camera setting is greyed out when I try to use MS teams, any fixes for this please?

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Pc fails to start

Hi, My pc fails to start,,,even if charge is plugging in Please help!

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Proline v146sh notebook stuck on bios password

Hello,my laptop is stuck on bios password blue screen and I typed the password several times but it keeps showing invalid password pls help me

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Reset password on dell computer without factory reset

Hi, How do you reset the password on a dell computer without factory reset?


Laptop can't turn on

Hello, I was doing some work on my laptop then it froze. I switched it off using the power button but I can't turn it back on. Everytime I press the p...


Mecer z140c password reset

Hi, I got a laptop which is mecer z140c which my friend gave to unlock the password. When switched on, it doesn't give option to go to bios neither...

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No signal, acer aspire s7

Hello, i ve tried everything. Reset battery using pinhole, leaving it on charge for a whole night, pressing buttons on keyboard, nothing. Led batter...

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Hcl me laptop stuck on boot screen and is beeping

I have encountered a problem with my hcl me laptop as i start laptop is stuck on screen wheres one hash is on the screen and as i press any key is st...


Laptop screen is blank

Hello, My laptop screen is blank I've tried everything in my power and writing my exams today 


Fujitsu laptop won't turn on after battery control update

Hello, I updated the software on my Fujitsu Lifebook E554 as per instructions on the pop-ups. Bios update went well, then I did the "Battery Control"...

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Which is the best laptop for sap installation ?

Hello, Which is the best laptop for sap installation ? We are planning to implement in our spa.


Falling to boot

Hello,my laptop proline w76s it doesn't accept new windows always say Sis191 UNDI,PXE-2.1 how can i fix this

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I can't turn on my nec laptop

Hello, My laptop is NEC I'm having a problem turning it on. When i push the on button the lights go on but i can't see anything on the screen an...

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Unsupported signal. please check device output


I am trying to hook up my HP laptop to my Sony Bravia TV. I have an HDMI output for the laptop and an HDMI cable. I have tried simply plugging the...

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Lenovo ideapad motherboard's capacitor


Hello, I own a lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15.6" laptop So, yesterday I was upgrading my RAM into 16GB, everything was going fine until, trying to put...

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Laptop doesn t want to start

Hello guys i have this problem since 1 year and today i tried again to start my laptop i want to mention that it starts only plugged in so when i p...


Laptop not powering on after hibernate mode

Hello, My laptop battery was dead when I hit hibernate mode when I turned on after 5-6 days it shows power light on but not turning on caps lock ligh...

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Hcl laptop beep sound


Hello sir, i have hcl laptop it automaticaly start beep sound and sound is continuous in 1sec and after 30 sec sec it turned off. And now as i s...

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Sound problem

Hello, My proline notebook v1165c4 no sound ,I try to reinstall windows. Troubleshooting but still no sound. I go to device manager to update but...

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Overheating and battery drainage issues in intel evo laptop

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to seek some guidance regarding two persistent issues I've been experiencing with my I...

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Gateway touchpad lifting up from laptop


Minor issue here. but my touchpad is lifting up from surface of laptop on lower left corner. I can push it down to flush, but it pops back up when I r...

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Laptop not unlocking

Hello,  I have Compaq presario CQ40. My laptop is not turning on. Whenever I click on power button, the wifi button and the power button lights up an...

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Laptop not getting start

Hello, My laptop not getting started as when I press power button caplock key light start like 4 to 5 sec and then turn off nothing other than that h...

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Laptop screen went black - can't find the case/ solution!

Hi guys, I'm new here and really hope I can get some help :) I was using my laptop normally (Samsung np-sa31, Bremen - M motherboard), I turned it ...

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Asus laptop won’t start but the battery light is orange


Hello, Trying to figure out why my ASUS UX330U notebook pc won’t turn on. When plugged in, the battery light is orange, but the power button does ...

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Dell inspion 15,laptop does not turn on the battery

Hello, my laptop does not turn on the battery in the morning, in order to turn it on first I have to remove the battery, then connect the charger, th...

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Nmi hardware failure - hp probook 440 g4

Hello, Please, I need help with following issues. I will first provide Notebook information and then, at the end, please find description of issues...

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Toshiba laptop shuts down instantly on start


Hello, my toshiba laptop screen suddenly went blank,now everytime I try an turn it on it instantly shuts down within a second,i cant get into any ki...

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Hp ryzen 3 or hp i3 or lenovo?


Hi  I want to buy brand new lap top in limited budget . In this budget one of the following lap top I can afford : Kindly suggest me which one should ...

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Toshiba satellite randomly turns off after 20-30 mins

Im not sure if my problem leads to overheating but i never had this kind of issue before once i play a game just start up run it for 20-30 mins (roblo...

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Laptop battery discharges when plugged in

Hello, the same problem happened to me (source), but a problem appeared to me when I open the games on the device while it was on the charger. The bat...

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Laptop repair

Hello, Sir, I want to repair my Laptop On/Off switch, who has not been working properly. Please send me the address of HCL Service Centre in Gurga...

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Laptop turns off suddenly

Hello, My lenovo laptop suddenly turns off every 5-20 minutes.

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Not turning on

Hello, Today, Rome and hdd I removed the laptop and then put it back, but after that it doesn't turn on anymore, where is the problem

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Lenovo laptop blinking keys but no display

My Lenovo laptop L380 yoga won't turn on the keys F1, F4, Esc, Caps Lock, are just blinking repeatedly .

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Laptop turns off by itself after unplugged

Laptop turns off by itself after unplugged or due to loadsheding and wont turn on

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Gateway laptop screen went black


I was on my gateway laptop Looking at a program on the Internet when the screen went black. When I tried to reboot the laptop it will not turn on. W...

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Stuck at dell logo also not entering on bios

Hello, My laptop stuck at dell logo and  also not entering on bios mode .  Its all happen when i partition the ssd and then restart my computer .. ...

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Unable to get wifi with d-link router in dell inspiron n5040


Hello, In my Dell Inspiron N5040, I am unable to get wifi. I can easily get broadband but not wifi. I use a D-Link router.  I tried many hacks menti...

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Inspiron 13 7000 won’t turn on

title Inspiron 13 7000 won’t power up  I have a dell inspiron 13 7000 that won’t power on  I tried the battery disconnect and pushing power b...

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Select a proper boot device or insert boot media

Hello, sooo i downloaded ubuntu aside to windows 10 on my Toshiba satellite laptop and it was working until i shut down my laptop and then it wouldn...

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Cannot type @ on my acer laptop.


Hello, Cannot type @ on my acer laptop. Please help fix it. Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari

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My hp elitebook revolve 810 laptop won't turn on

Hello, I've been trying to turn on my hp elitebook revolve 810 laptop but it doesn't wanna turn on. When I plug in the power supply it's a dimmer ligh...

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Connex slim book won't turn on

Hello, my connex Slim Book won`t turn on. When connected to the charge, charging light is working properly but the on light only blinks briefly and ...

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My toshiba keeps turning on and off

Hello, So, I have a Toshiba satellite L875-S7208, and I tried to do a reset. Both resets failed and on the second one the laptop keepings turning on ...

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Screen is black

Hello, My laptop screen went black while I was going through slides and won't light back up, the power light is on

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Laptop wont turn on

Hi. Laptop stopped turning on. When i press power buttom it powers on fan starts spinning for 2 seconds then shuts off . Keyboard light comes on and i...

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