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    September 2022

    30 September
    • The Sims 4 add on: packs, list, ranked

      The Sims 4 is arguably the most complete edition of the entire Sims saga. Since its launch in 2014, its creators have added a multitude of expansion packs which give you the possibility to enrich your playing experience in this virtual world. Because there are so many possible expansion packs, it's easy to get lost! In this article we will explain which add ons are the most interesting and worth your time!

    29 September
    • Play Halo Infinite split screen: campaign, multiplayer, Xbox

      There is one thing that those of us who know the Halo saga well are clear about: playing on our own is not the same as playing with friends. Luckily, thanks to a curious glitch, now we can once again feel the emotion of going through Halo campaign with your friends. In this article we will explain the trending glitch that allows co op mode.

    • Create server: for Minecraft, for CounterStrike

      Online games are highly popular nowadays. All of them work through servers that provide games with the perfect connection to communicate with each other. Did you know that you can create your own server for Counter-Strike, Minecraft, and many other games? Read on to find out how to do it.

    • How to configure the taskbar in Steam?

      Did you know you can tune your experience on Steam by customizing your taskbar? In a few simple steps, you will discover how to shape your taskbar the way it better fits your needs.

    • How to enable push to talk in Steam

      If you are using a microphone, or a gaming headset when you play on Steam, then the default setting for chatting with your friends is Open Microphone. It means your microphone is enabled all the time while you are playing. If you want to change it, just follow the following simple steps.

    • GTA 4 cheats: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

      This guide will show you the GTA IV cheat codes for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This list also includes the cheat codes for the Episodes from Liberty City expansions.

    28 September
    • How to disable comments on Steam profile?

      Sometimes you just want to game in peace or enjoy using Steam without receiving annoying, rude or useless comments on your profile. In this short article, we will show you how to disable comments on the platform. Likewise, if you want to disable the other in-game social features, such as chat and notifications whilst you play, this article will show you how to do that as well.

    • Weird Nintendo Switch games you need to play (2022)

      The Nintendo switch has become one of the most popular on the market due to its great versatility and the huge number of games available in its catalog, close to half a thousand. Here are some of the most weird and original games you can enjoy on your Switch.

    • How to fix joy con drift on Nintendo Switch

      Experiencing a Joy-Con drift while you are enjoying your favorite game on Nintendo Switch can be overly frustrating. Although Nintendo now offers free repair service, we share with you a reliable and simple procedure to fix your Joy-Cons.

    27 September
    • The best VR games (2022): on Steam, Occulus

      Virtual Reality whilst not a brand new addition to the tech market, is one of the latest technologies in the gaming world which envelopes gamers in an entirely different reality during gameplay. There has been renewed interest in the VR universe and with incredible releases (and a global pandemic) it's not hard to see why. In this article we'll explain a little bit about VR and round up a selection of some of the hottest, new VR game releases to inspire you when looking to invest in a new game.

    26 September
    • How to share games on Steam

      Steam provides the Steam Family Sharing feature that allows users to share their Steam accounts and games. Of course, you cannot play the same game simultaneously, but it will enable people to share their games with lots of flexibility and simplicity.

    • Play Atari Breakout on Google

      Hot on the heels of its successful incorporation of Pacman Doodle to its homepage, Google has integrated Atari's famous Breakout arcade game into the Images tab on its site. This article will teach you how to access Atari Breakout on Google Images.

    • How to make video games: game engines and software

      You no longer need to be a tech or to have lots of programming skills to make your video games. You can now use many powerful game engines and editors to build any game you want without limits.

    • How to install Minecraft Mods: Windows, Mac

      Minecraft is the most played sandbox game of all time. It offers a rich and re-playable world with lots of fun gameplay mechanics. It also allows you to personalize your experience up to adding mods to the game. Come discover how to add all kinds of mods to this incredible game.

    • Dota Underlords: best cheats and tips

      DOTA Underlords is one of the most popular and successful independent adventure games on the market. In this game you'll battle against 7 rivals to win control of the city White Spire. Several tips are available for the game, and we'll fill you in below.

    23 September
    • How to take screenshots on PS4

      This guide will teach you how to take a screenshot on the PlayStation 4. You will be able to take a screenshot of your game session and share it with your friends on social networks.

    22 September
    • How to contact Roblox support: number, email

      Roblox has taken customer service and ensuring quality gameplay to all users very seriously. In addition, they take good care of the target audience and have an exclusive section to facilitate moderation for parents. This way, youngsters can play and create video games safely. In this article we show how to contact them in case of issues related to the platform.

    21 September
    • The best gaming console: (2022), to buy, under 500

      The choice of game console depends mainly on the type of games you like to play. Each console has its own characteristics that make it special, unique and worth choosing. In this article, we present a selection of the best video game consoles of 2022 and what gaming areas they stand out in.

    20 September
    • Best Cyberpunk 2077 bugs

      Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated games of the 2020. Unfortunately, it turned out that the most remarkable thing about this game are the various bugs. In this article we make a compilation of the most curious and fun bugs that the community has been encountering in the CD Projekt video game.

    • GTA 6 : release date, trailer, map, leaks and rumors

      This article will gather all the information that is currently available about Rockstar Games' GTA 6, such as the possible release year, the setting, a look at a potential leaked map, and a the September 2022 video leak. In this article we explore everything we know about GTA 6 so far!

    • How to customize the PS4 controller

      Sometimes it is handy to readjust the mapping of the button commands that come by default with the official PlayStation 4 controller or pimp your controller's look. Here you will find everything you need to know to shape your experience using the PS4 controller.

    • How to save and backup game data on PS4

      Copying your game data from your PS4 to an external USB storage back and forth can be very useful to save space without losing data. You can achieve it following only a few steps.

    • How to install mods and cheat codes in The Sims 4

      If you are a player of The Sims 4, you will be pleased to learn you can tune your experience the way you like by using mods to completely change the game or tweak the game parameters using cheat codes.

    19 September
    13 September
    12 September
    • Best Minecraft mods: for survival, to play with friends

      Minecraft "mods" are modifications for the one of the most loved and successful games: Minecraft. Those modifications have greatly contributed to the game's popularity because thanks to them players can add novelty and personalization to their Minecraft experience for free, such as color changes, new items, and new characters, among others. The mods are created by accessing and changing the source code - this is mainly done by programmers, engineers, or hobbyists.

    5 September
    • Skate 4: release date, trailer, gameplay and rumors

      Skate, Skate 2 and Skate 3 have been fan favourites since they were first released, and after years of commenting #Skate 4 on most of EA's social media publications, Skate is back! EA Skate 4 was finally announced by Creative Director, Cuz Perry, and Game Director, Deran Chung, on June 19th 2020 at EA Play 2020. They stated that the fans helped make this happen by "commenting the game" into existence. In this article we will cover everything that has been announced so far for Skate 4.