Do you charge your smartphone without removing the case? Here's why you shouldn't do it

Do you charge your smartphone without removing the case? Here's why you shouldn't do it

Overheating can be very harmful to your cell phone battery. For this reason, you should not charge your mobile phone in a case.

We really love the cases of our smartphones, sometimes even more than the phones. They are bright colors, or transparent, or maybe with pictures. The case has more than once saved your gadget from inevitable shattering into pieces and even protected it when dropped into the water! And even if your case is old and worn... it's so difficult to part with it and replace it with a new one. In a word, covers are our best friends and often say a lot about our personality. But there are cases when the cases (Excuse the pun!) can be of poor service to the phone. Admit it, do you charge your smartphone without taking it out of the case? Well, doing this is not recommended.

Why is it better to remove the case from your smartphone when charging?

Most smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, which can last a very long time, but still gradually lose their charging potential. There are simple rules of "battery hygiene" which include trying not to completely discharge the battery, or avoid continuing to charge it after it is already 100% charged. Any too much load on the battery harms it, and one of the biggest risks is overheating it. In addition to the battery, the phone's central processor is also very sensitive to high temperatures and may simply break down. You've probably noticed that when your smartphone is exposed to the hot rays of the sun, at some point it warns you about dangerous overheating.

Another situation where your smartphone battery can become dangerously overheated is when it is not cooled enough while charging in a case, no matter how light and thin the case is. After all, when charging, the battery heats up significantly, and the faster the charging speed, the greater the impact on the battery. And if you charge your smartphone without removing the case, in direct sunlight or in a hot room, then everything gets even worse. If the temperature around your smartphone is above 30 ºC, then it is better to take care of your mobile friend in time and cool it down.

Is your cell phone overheating? Here's what you can do to cool it down

We want to give you some tips for when your phone is overheating on a hot day and you can't find a shady place or an air-conditioned room nearby. Disable as many applications as possible on your device, because their operation leads to an increase in the temperature of the gadget. Reduce screen brightness and reduce screen timeout. This will also make it easier for your smartphone to operate. Turn your gadget on airplane mode, at least for a while. And remove the cover from it.