Save 30% on fuel during car trips by using this secret option in Google Maps

Save 30% on fuel during car trips by using this secret option in Google Maps

With fuel prices still high, long car journeys are getting more and more expensive. But you can significantly reduce your fuel consumption thanks to a discreet option in the Google Maps app.

How to save up to 30% on fuel during car journeys

These days, it's hard to do without Google Maps, the mapping and directions app designed by Google. Every year, it is enriched with new functions and well-thought-out options to make getting around even easier. The power of the American giant's algorithms provides many services to optimize every journey, but they are not always sufficiently well promoted to take advantage of them.

Such is the case with a function that can save you money on car journeys. By indicating the point of departure and destination, Google Maps calculates an itinerary taking into account the fuel consumption required for the journey. To do this, the application relies on topographical data (such as the gradients on the road), but also the various speed limits imposed, and the prediction of traffic jams based on a traffic history.

This way, Google Maps can determine the most fuel-efficient route, limiting CO2 emissions. The distance to be covered may be longer than normal, and the time needed to reach the destination may be extended but it may be worth it. If Google's tests are to be believed, fuel savings of up to 30% are sometimes possible.

Note: Google warns that this option is not available for distances of less than 5 km. Other available routes are still displayed. So you can choose the one that suits you best.

Don't look for a button to activate on the map displayed in Google Maps: the option to create a fuel-saving route can be found in the app's settings. And it's available on both Android and iOS.

  • Open Google Maps on your smartphone and tap on your avatar icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Choose Settings > Navigation or Navigation settings.
  • Then scroll down to the Route Options section and activate the Prefer fuel-efficient routes option.
iPhone Google Maps fuel efficient routes
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From now on, when you're looking for a route to somewhere, the most fuel-efficient route will be indicated by a small green leaf. Press on it to select it, then pull down the information drawer at the bottom of the screen for more details. Google Maps then shows the amount of fuel (expressed in percentages) saved.

From the settings, you can of course specify your vehicle's engine type: diesel, petrol, hybrid, or electric. For the latter, Google is planning to indicate free and open charging stations on the map in the coming weeks. To save even more on your journeys, you can also ask Google Maps to show you routes that don't include tolls, freeways, or ferries. The journey may take longer, but it's much more economical!