Black Hat USA 2023: dates, exhibitor list, schedule

Black Hat USA 2023: dates, exhibitor list, schedule

The Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas is one of the leading cybersecurity events. It is an annual event that gathers global cybersecurity professionals, government agencies, researchers and corporate organisations. In this article we will look at what to expect from this year's event.

What is the Black Hat conference?

The main aim of the conferences is provide a platform for the attendees to learn about the latest developments, trends and vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. 

When is the Black Hat conference?

The Black Hat conference will be held in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from the Saturday 5th August to Thursday 10th August 2023.

What is the Black Hat schedule?

A full detailed program can be accessed on the Black Hat Convention website, here are some of the main highlights:

5th-8th: Daily Training sessions - Before the main conference, Black Hat offers multiple days of hands-on training sessions conducted by cybersecurity experts. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from ethical hacking and penetration testing to defensive techniques and incident response.


  • Keynote presented by Maria Markstedter, discussing the cybersecurity challenges and opportunies in the Age of AI. The keynote will explore AI's history, its impact on security, the benefits, risks and how professionals can adapt and innovate in this evolving landscape. 
  • A second keynote presented by Jen Easterly and Viktor Zhora looking at how we can learn from Ukraine's resilience against Russian attacks on its infrastructure. 

10th: Keynote with Kemba Walden will discuss the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan alongside the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy. 


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What else to expect from the event?

  • Briefings and Presentations: In the main conference, security researchers and experts will present their findings, discoveries and cutting-edge research through briefings and presentations. These talks will highlight new vulnerabilities, defence strategies, and this year will have a strong focus on AI. 
  • Tools and Products Showcase: The Black Hat Arsenal provides a space for developers to demonstrate their latest open-source security tools and products to the attendees.
  • Networking Opportunities: The conference facilitates networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with fellow professionals, researchers, and industry experts. It also provides a chance to interact with various cybersecurity vendors and companies.
  • Security Challenges and Contests: Black Hat hosts a variety of challenges and contests, such as Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions, where participants can test and demonstrate their skills in solving cybersecurity-related challenges.