Test your firewall online: Shields Up, Hacker Watch, etc

Test your firewall online: Shields Up, Hacker Watch, etc

A Firewall protects your computer from cyber attacks, hackers and viruses. That's why it is so important to have it installed on your PC. However, sometimes the protection might fail. If you'd like to check if the software is working properly, you can test your firewall online before continuing to use it. Read on to discover how to do it.

Shields Up

There are various websites offering your computer security test. You can test your firewall for free on the Shields Up website and see if all your ports and services are functioning properly, test the browser disclosure, file-sharing and messenger spam. Just click on Proceed and follow its instructions.

shields up

Hacker Watch

Another useful service is Hackerwatch. It is an anti-hacker community where you can test your security level for free. It offers two types of test: Simple Probe and Port Scan. Perform both to make sure your personal information and your pc system are well protected.

hacker watch

Security Safety

Security Space also offers a free scan of your security vulnerabilities, audits network security, monitors network and notifications as well as DNS hosting. Some of the services are free and some are paid (for example, the DNS hosting management costs $11.95/a year).

security safety

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