This noise can be a sign that your phone is being tracked, according to an expert

This noise can be a sign that your phone is being tracked, according to an expert

A technology expert is sounding the alarm, warning Android phone owners about certain sounds that could mean your phone has been hacked and tracked.

There are infinite signs that a device has been infected by cybercriminals. And it happens more and more often. Probably, you've heard about the most shocking investigation of 2021: the Project Pegasus spyware case. An expert at cybersecurity firm Clario has revealed what you need to check on your mobile phone. "24,000 malicious mobile apps are blocked every day," said a tech expert Kateryna Hanko. Check the 2023 Cyber Security Trends Report to find out more about cybersecurity statistics and trends. 

Therefore, it is important for Android phone owners to be aware of the warning signs that indicate they have been hacked.

What are the signs that your Android phone has been hacked?

  • The first sign is unexpected noises during a call. If you happen to hear your Android phone beeping or producing other odd noises when you are on a call, this can be a sign that someone is recording you. However, it can also be caused by poor reception.
  • Secondly, you should be concerned if you hear sounds when your phone is not in use. It shouldn't make any noises when it's idle, except for notifications. 
  • Another important 'red flag' is an unusual battery drain. It could mean that there is spyware running in the background. However, it can also be related to general phone battery issues, such as its age and condition.
  • Be aware if you notice an unprecedented increase in data usage. Spyware often uses a lot of data to collect and share information from your device. 
  • Other warning signs may include some strange phone behavior, for example if your phone is turning itself on and off on its own or showing apps you don't remember installing on it.

All these signs could be warning signs that you have malware installed. However, it does not 100% mean that it has been compromised.

How to prevent your Android phone from being infected with spyware

If you think your device has been compromised, there are some other things you can do.

  • Regularly update your phone with the latest version of Android, as doing so can cover the security holes that hackers use to trap your device.
  • Never follow any suspicious links from your email inbox. 
  • Download apps only from trusted sources and read reviews. Apps from questionable resources can be bundled with spyware. 
  • Regularly check your phone if there are any new apps that have been installed without you knowing. If you find some of those, delete them immediately.
  • Use antivirus to protect your gadgets from being tracked.