If you have this charger, you might be at risk of setting your laptop on fire!

If you have this charger, you might be at risk of setting your laptop on fire!

Approximately 15 million charging cables worldwide are facing a recall due to the risk of ignition. Further details can be found here.

Toshiba has initiated a large-scale recall in response to reports of dangerous overheating incidents. A total of 15.5 million laptop chargers sold between 2008 and 2012 are affected by this recall.  Before the recall, the company received approximately 679 reports of the products overheating and igniting, melting, and causing burns. Among these incidents, at least 43 individuals reported minor burn injuries, as per the recall.

Whilst the dates on these chargers is from 2008-2012, they were actually still on sale on the Toshiba website until recently. So if you purchased one of these chargers within recent years, then you could still be at risk. This is a worryingly large scale issue and if you are a Toshiba laptop user, we recommend that you quickly check which type of charger you own

Owners of older Toshiba laptop models should check the labeling on their chargers without delay. Affected devices are marked with the abbreviation "G71C", typically located below the barcode on the charger. A detailed list of affected models is available on the company's recall page. Consumers are being strongly advised to "discontinue use of the recalled AC adapters" immediately and to reach out to Dynabook Americas for a complimentary replacement AC adapter, as stated in the CPSC notice.


The chargers are catching fire due to overheating, which can lead to melting and subsequent combustion. This overheating is likely caused by a fault in the design or manufacturing process of the AC adapters, resulting in excessive heat generation during use. Over time, this heat buildup can cause the components within the adapter to degrade or malfunction, increasing the risk of fire or other hazardous incidents. Additionally, prolonged use or exposure to environmental factors may exacerbate the issue, further increasing the likelihood of overheating and fire.

Toshiba is offering a free replacement for any affected chargers. The Japanese technology company urges users of affected laptops to contact them for a free replacement charger. To avoid further risks and ensure consumer safety, it is strongly advised to take the recall seriously and act accordingly. Interested individuals can visit the dedicated recall webpage at https://support.dynabook.com/recall2024ax to learn about the procedure.

The implicated chargers were manufactured in China and are intended solely for older device models. Toshiba, renowned for its wide range of electronic products, is taking the incident seriously and is committed to a swift and straightforward recall process to maintain customer trust and maximize safety.