Conditional Format Cells Based on Another Cell and Own Cell

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I'm trying to conditional format cells based on text in another cell and it's own cell.

In Column A, the cells would contain either "hit" or "miss". If the cell is "hit" then nothing needs to be done. If the cell is "miss" then there must be text in the corresponding Column B cell. For example, if A1 is "miss" then B1 must contain text. If B1 doesn't have text, then the cell needs to be highlighted. If B1 does contain text, then no highlights are necessary.

Additionally, is there a way to conditional format this for the entire cell? I have to conditional format for the entire sheet and doing conditional formatting for each row will be too tedious and time consuming.

plus moins
Select the range of cells in column B
Go into Conditional Formatting.
Select New Rule,
Choose the "Use Formula to determine..." rule
Enter this formula in the Rule Description field.

select the color for the cell.
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