Run all vba at once after opening excel file

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Please help me. I want to run the macros at once after opening the excel file.

I have different codes in each sheet.

Please i need your help guys.

Thank you

plus moins
You wold have to run a master procedure, and call of them upon, Workbook_Open() event.

So, in others words, if you have a module, that contains 5 subroutines, you would need to do the following:

private sub mastersub()
call subone
call subtwo
call subthree
call subfour
call subfive
end sub

private sub Workbook_Open()
call mastersub
end sub
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plus moins
Thank you so much mark. I also tried this

Private Sub Auto_Open()
Run ("Sheet3.Auto_Open")
Run ("Sheet5.Auto_Open")
Run ("Sheet6.Auto_Open")
End Sub

and it works.

I will try your suggestion. Thank you so much for the help=)
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