Is this the end of Tinder? Why users are moving to Google Docs

Is this the end of Tinder? Why users are moving to Google Docs

Are you tired of the endless swiping of Tinder? Many of us have joined one or more dating apps in the hopes of meeting someone and falling in love, this way of connecting with potential partners doesn't appeal to everyone. A new trend could be the future of online dating.

On modern dating apps, it can be incredibly difficult to build a relationship from a simple profile, that is often incomplete, without a bio. A lack of matches for those who are not the best at self-promotion, and don't know how to best present themselves to appeal to suitors. There is also the prevalence of ghosting, going silent and not replying after previous contact has been made, because of the digital nature of Tinder and other dating apps , it is easier to dismiss digital connections. All of that to say, in the age of the internet, it can feel that the search for love has been commoditised and turned into a dopamine fuelled quest for momentary pleasure, with less interest in deeper connection. #GoodVibesOnly. 

Is Google Docs, the new Tinder? As people are becoming skeptic and increasingly disenfranchised with dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and other apps, could the emergence of Google Docs as an alternative to traditional dating apps be the solution? Google Docs is being used as a sort of dating database where users enter a detailed biography, including personal information such as age, height, interests, projects, personality, and dating preferences. These documents, referred to as Date Me docs, are then subsequently shared on Twitter and other social media sites to reach a wider audience. This simple approach to modern dating has become a recent trend, with many users switching to this approach. 

How successful is this method? It will be difficult to truly measure the success of using Google Docs as a true replacement for Tinder or other dating apps, as success is highly subjective and depends what you are looking for. The unconventional nature of Google Docs may appeal to some in that the detailed biography allows for a more in depth representation of oneself. This unique platform's success will ultimately hinge on the receptiveness of the party who stumbles upon your Date Me doc. If you feel that the more in depth nature of the Google Doc allows for you to better present yourself, then it is possible that the quality of interaction and connection will be in keeping with this improvement. 

One of the downsides to the Date Me doc approach, is also one of its appeals. It is unconventional, and profiles are typically shared in places where people are not necessarily looking for, or even open to a romantic relationship. Some people may nonetheless prefer the simplicity and ease of use of dating apps, despite their flaws, and arguably, negative impact on the 21st century dating scene. Time will tell if this new approach to dating will retain its appeal in the coming months, but it probably couldn't hurt your chances of finding love to try it out