Goodbye to beach umbrellas: Decathlon's easy-to-install invention that sells out every summer

Goodbye to beach umbrellas: Decathlon's easy-to-install invention that sells out every summer

This Decathlon product, which provides protection from the sun without the need for a beach umbrella stand, has quickly become a customer favorite.

The nice summer weather is just around the corner, that means it's almost time to start enjoying the sun ! With changing climates, we are finding that the summer heat starts sooner and lasts longer. Whether you are going to the beach, the countryside, mountains, lakes or elsewhere, it is necessary to remember the importance of protecting yourself during long periods of exposure to sunlight. It's important to emphasize that protection should not only be applied on clear days when the presence of the sun is evident, but also when there are clouds, as ultraviolet rays reach the skin, even if it seems like there is "no sun." 

To deal with UV rays, there is a new Decathlon invention that will allow you to say goodbye to the cumbersome umbrella and that is likely to sell out before summer due to how well it has been received amongst customers.

We're talking about the Iwiko 180 beach shelter (£39.99), a new product from Decathlon that is designed to protect from the sun on the beach or in the countryside without the hassle of a beach umbrella stand. It is an innovative solution that can accommodate three adults and can withstand wind gusts of up to 30 km/h. This shelter sets up and dismantles in just a matter of seconds, thanks to the exclusive opening system, making it a perfect solution for enjoying the beach with children, with dimensions of 180cm (width) x 110cm (height) x 80cm (depth).

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It is made with a fabric that offers sun protection of more than UPF 50 and has the ability to block 98% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays, making it an effective barrier against the sun's rays. You can also set up the shelter in a way that it can block both strong winds, that would otherwise cool you off, whilst protecting you from the suns rays. 

The main advantage over conventional umbrellas is that it offers great ease of use, thanks to its easy assembly, which can be opened and closed in just a few seconds, without having to spend much time setting up and taking down. The beach shelter opens by pulling the ring on the back and closes with a single gesture by pressing the close button. Additionally, since it has a lightweight and compact design, it can be transported comfortably and easily, just like a conventional umbrella, while also offering space for three adults.

There are also alternate options such as the Quechua Arpenaz Compact Sunshade Shelter Beach Tent ($15.00) which provides similar amounts of shelter but in a more compact package.