The 7 most disturbing Vaults in Fallout

The 7 most disturbing Vaults in Fallout

Discover the 7 most disturbing Vaults in Fallout, constructed by Vault-Tec with dark and abominable objectives.

Fans of the Fallout franchise, whether from Bethesda's video games or the recent Amazon Prime Video series, know that Vault-Tec's underground shelters are not always as they seem and are often home to secret and sinister objectives. These bunkers were advertised as a way to protect the U.S population during a nuclear war with China, instead they were social experiments conducted by Vault-Tec and the government. Even though they could provide shelter to the vault dwellers for hundreds of years, they were designed to turn residents into lab rats. 

In the TV series only Vaults 33, 32, 31 and 4 are featured, although those familiar with the games will know that there are hundreds of other vaults, each with their unique purpose. For example, Vault 12 was designed to study the effects of gradual radiation exposure, Vault 22 was responsible for creating genetically modified crops, and Vault 112 was turned into a virtual reality simulation. 

We've compiled a list of the 7 most disturbing Vaults in Fallout, and seeing as the series and the games share the same universe and canon, we could see some of these Vaults brought to life on the small screen.

7. Vault 11 - The Sacrifice Vault

In Fallout New Vegas, Vault 11 required residents to annually sacrifice one person for the community's survival. Only when five residents refused to continue did they learn it was a test of empathy, and if they had refused from the start, they would have been freed. This revelation drove four survivors to suicide, and the last one left the Vault, never to be seen again.

6. Vault 77 - The Puppet Man Vault

Mentioned in Fallout 3 and depicted in comics, Vault 77 contained only one man and a box of puppets. The man initially hoped for company but eventually went mad, creating the "Puppet Man" legend after escaping in 2079.

5. Vault 68 and Vault 69 - The Gender Vaults

Mentioned in the Fallout Bible, Vault 68 housed 999 men and one woman, while Vault 69 had 999 women and one man. The populations of both Vaults quickly died out, but not before likely experiencing horrific conditions, and raising some ethical and moral questions. 

4. Vault 75 - The Eugenics Experiment Vault

Revealed in Fallout 4, Vault 75, under an elementary school in Massachusetts, killed all adults upon confinement and subjected children to physical and mental tests, trying to create a master race. At 18, the weak were killed, the strong underwent genetic harvesting, and the intelligent joined Vault-Tec's scientists.

3. Vault 81 - The Disease Vault

In Fallout 4, Vault 81 in Boston was meant to use its residents as guinea pigs to test cures for diseases. However, the project supervisor sabotaged the plan, allowing the population to live normally, as a result Vault 81 thrived. 

2. Vault 87 - The FEV Guinea Pig Vault

In Fallout 3, Vault 87 in Virginia exposed residents to the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV), transforming survivors into Super Mutants who took over the Vault and began kidnapping people to create more of their kind.

1. Vault 106 - The Psychoactive Drugs Vault

Finally, also in Fallout 3, Vault 106 in Virginia released psychoactive drugs into the air ten days after sealing. The drugs caused hallucinations and madness, leading the inhabitants to become violent. Even after 200 years, the Vault still emitted the drugs, causing those inside to attack anyone who entered.