Use and Protect Your Addresses Better with This New Google Option

Use and Protect Your Addresses Better with This New Google Option

Are you tired of having to type in your address every time you purchase online for delivery? Don't want your home to be visible on your Google Maps reviews? Then these new settings in your Google account should help you.

Google Account: New Options for Managing Your Addresses

Managing personal data on the Internet is complicated. We share it everywhere and all the time, each time we use any online service. While not all information is necessarily critical, our geographic addresses are particularly sensitive, given the risks their disclosure may expose us to. However, we must regularly provide our addresses to properly take advantage of various services on the Web, whether it is making online purchases or obtaining personalized itineraries and relevant recommendations.

Over time, it can become tedious to enter the same addresses repeatedly on different forms, and difficult to remember exactly which ones you have provided in the past. Good news: if you primarily browse the web through your Google account, whether through the Chrome browser or your Android smartphone, a new geographic address management function has just been added to your account settings by Google. This feature allows you to view, in one place, all the addresses you have previously used with your account, and modify, delete, add, or manage their confidentiality.

How to Access The New Google Option

You can access this new address management tool from any device connected to your Google account, whether it's a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

  • On a desktop, go to or open a Google service like Gmail or Maps from your favorite browser, then click on your profile icon at the top right and select Manage your Google account.
  • On a mobile device, the process is similar: open any Google application, such as Maps or the Play Store, then click on your profile icon at the top right and select Manage your Google account.
  • Once in your account settings, go to the Personal Information tab and scroll down to find the section called Addresses. If you have previously entered one or more geographic addresses in a Google service, all those recorded will appear here, divided into three categories. Home and Work addresses are completely confidential and only visible to you.
  • To make an address public, you will need to add it to the Others category and then make it visible to other users on the About Me page, which you can access just below the Addresses section.

Once your different geographic addresses are saved in your Google account, you can use them to automatically fill out online forms with the Chrome browser, saving you valuable time. Note, however, that the registered addresses will also be used by Google to offer you suitable itineraries and recommendations for places to visit in Maps or more targeted advertising on the search engine, which may suit some and put off others, depending on individual preferences.