Choose Your Child's Swimsuit Color Carefully: It Could Save Their Life!

Choose Your Child's Swimsuit Color Carefully: It Could Save Their Life!

To limit the risk of drowning and maximize the chances of intervening in the event of danger, specialists recommend banning certain colors from children's swimwear.

With the return of summer, the question on everyone's mind is: which swimsuit to wear? This seemingly simple decision is actually quite complex, with many factors to consider. Choosing a swimsuit involves not only style and comfort but also safety. In many countries, accidental drowning is responsible for thousands of deaths every year, and a quarter of these involve children under the age of six. There are several possible solutions to prevent such tragedies, such as installing barriers around domestic swimming pools and respecting the hours and zones of supervised swimming. However, one important factor often gets overlooked: the color of the swimsuit.

We may not think about it, but this parameter can have a significant impact on a child's visibility from the edge of the beach or pool, even when in the water. Bernard Fisher, of the American Lifeguard Association, explains that it's best to avoid blue, gray and green tones, which blend into pool water at depths of 50 cm and more. Dark colors such as black and purple, as well as white, are also to be avoided, as water ripples cause distortions when viewed from the surface. As a result, the former blends in with shadows in a white pool, and lighter colors resemble cloud reflections when the water is a murky brown.

That's why it's best to choose swimsuits in bright, contrasting colors that stand out more clearly on the water. Fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, bright red and fluorescent yellow are the most visible colors underwater and on the surface, whether in a pool, in the sea, or freshwater. Moreover, they help you spot your kid at a glance if they stray onto a beach or into a crowded pool. 

Ultimately, the goal is to enjoy the water safely. By considering factors like swimsuit color, fit, and additional safety measures, you can help ensure that your summer is filled with fun and free of accidents. So next time you go swimsuit shopping, keep these tips in mind. The right swimsuit might just save a life.