The 5-Minute Rule for Your Air Conditioner: Every Driver Should Know This

The 5-Minute Rule for Your Air Conditioner: Every Driver Should Know This

These tips will help ensure that your air conditioner works longer without repairs, and you'll also feel cooler, much faster the next time you get into your car on a hot day.

As the summer temperatures increase, you are probably dreaming of ice coffee and vacations. But instead, you have to get into a car that has been baking under the sun.

We are all familiar with that sauna-like feeling when you sit in the car, waiting for the air conditioner to kick in. The reality is, most people are using their car's air conditioning incorrectly. Here is the simple rule that you should follow.

This simple 5-minute air conditioning rule got its name because it takes just 5 minutes to properly start and run your car's air conditioner.

  • First, when you start your car, don't turn on the air conditioning immediately. Wait a few seconds for the engine to warm up a bit.
  • In the meantime, open all the car windows and leave them open for a couple of minutes. This is no joke! Ventilating the inside of the car will let out the hot air accumulated inside, reducing the load on the air conditioner, making the overall process much quicker. 
  • Next, turn the fan on to full power, but don't turn on the air conditioning mode yet. This will expel the hot air from the air conditioning system.
  • Now, close the windows and finally turn on the air conditioning. It's important to set it to full power. Adjust to the appropriate temperature, and you'll feel the cool breeze in no time!

What is the appropriate temperature, you ask? There's no need to lower the interior temperature too much. The optimal level is 22-23 degrees Celsius. However, it's important that the difference between the outside and inside temperatures doesn't exceed 9-10 degrees. This ensures the air conditioning system works more efficiently and sustainably.

One more tip: turn off your car's air conditioning a few minutes before turning off the engine. At the same time, leave the fan running for several minutes after turning off the air conditioning. This way, the air will continue to circulate, drying out the moisture accumulated in the air conditioning system. This is a good way to avoid humidity and the build up of dangerous mold