Apple's AirPods Max May Get an Unusual Addition: Analyst Surprises with Forecast

Apple's AirPods Max May Get an Unusual Addition: Analyst Surprises with Forecast

A possible new feature could take the sound of AirPods to a new dimension, making them part of the Vision Pro audiovisual ecosystem.

Of course, you love your AirPods. Apple's earbuds have become a style statement and provide excellent sound and portability. Can you imagine that their sound could be even better?

Ming-Chi Kuo is a respected market analyst who specializes in Apple products. Often called the "best Apple analyst on the planet," his predictions frequently come true. He recently suggested that AirPods will soon receive camera modules, enabling them to reproduce spatial sound of even higher quality. These camera modules are sensors that use an infrared signal, similar to the element that supports Face ID technology in Apple smartphones. For the headphones, the infrared signal will amplify and enhance the sound depending on the direction the user is facing. For example, when you watch videos with Vision Pro and use the new AirPods, the headphones will pick up your head movements and enhance the sound relative to the direction you are looking in. Additionally, the AirPods' infrared camera could allow you to control the headphones with hand gestures.

So, how soon could we have this technology in Apple's headphones? This year, Apple will release a new version of AirPods Max, but unfortunately, the company is not planning any major updates for them, with the only new feature being a switch from Lightning to USB-C for charging. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the new AirPods, equipped with camera modules, will hit the market in two years.

Apart from this suggestion by Ming-Chi Kuo, there are rumors and speculations in the media that Apple could also be considering adding more devices to this ecosystem. In the future, they might create smart glasses similar to the Meta Ray-Ban, as well as a smart ring to compete with Samsung's smart ring and other similar devices.

With the potential addition of camera modules to AirPods, Apple continues to push the boundaries of audio technology. If these predictions come true, users can look forward to an even more immersive audio experience and innovative ways to interact with their devices. The future of Apple's product ecosystem looks promising.