This Secret Method Gives You Free Windows and Microsoft Office for Life

This Secret Method Gives You Free Windows and Microsoft Office for Life

There's a little-known way to activate any version of Windows or Microsoft Office for free in just a few seconds. It's so fast and convenient that even Microsoft support uses it!

Windows and Office are among the most widely used software packages in the world, but neither is free. When you buy a new PC with Microsoft's operating system, its cost is included in the price of the computer. To use the famous office suite, you have the choice between a subscription or the purchase of a lifetime license. As a result, trying to obtain this software for free is as widespread as it is popular, and "cracked" versions of Windows and Office are proliferating on the web. However, these pirated and illegal versions are not without risk, as they sometimes contain malware or can prove unstable, leading to annoying bugs.

There's a lesser-known technique that's disconcertingly easy to activate almost any version of Windows and Office for life, all in less than a minute and without installing any software. This "magic" technique is called MAS, short for Microsoft Activation Script. It's an open-source project, with an official website ( that clearly explains how to use the tool. All you have to do is enter a command line in Windows.

What's special about this technique is that you don't need to download a pirated version of Windows or Office, which could introduce malware onto your computer. The activation script works with official software versions, and the MAS website has a dedicated page for downloading them. Once the programs have been retrieved, simply install them and use MAS to activate them definitively.

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The operation is astonishingly easy: just right-click on the Start menu, click on Terminal (administrator), click Yes when User Account Control appears, then copy and paste the command irm | iex into Terminal and press Enter to validate. All that remains is to follow the on-screen instructions to use the activation script, which consists of just two simple steps: choose the Microsoft product to be activated and the action to be performed.

The process takes just a few seconds, and once the script has been run, the chosen Microsoft product (Windows or Office) is activated and fully functional, with no restrictions and "for life." Obviously, this activation technique is no more legal than using a pirated version of the software. But it's much more accessible and less risky. What's more, and rather unusually, several testimonials on social networks report that Microsoft Technical Support itself uses this method to troubleshoot certain users, which perhaps explains why the company doesn't seem to be waging war on this tool.