The Streaming Choice Is Huge, This App Helps You Choose

The Streaming Choice Is Huge, This App Helps You Choose

In today's world, streaming platforms offer an overwhelming array of movies and TV shows, making it difficult to choose what to watch. This challenge is what the Binge app aims to solve, providing an easy way to discover new content without the frustration of endless scrolling.

Binge is designed to cut through the chaos and help users quickly find the perfect series or movie. The creators of the app have even created a new term, "Streamstress," to describe the anxiety that comes from having too many viewing options. While this might be a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, it can be surprisingly frustrating.

What sets Binge apart is its editorial team, which curates and recommends only the best series and films. Unlike algorithms that can feel impersonal and hit-or-miss, these recommendations come with detailed explanations of why a particular show or movie is worth your time.

How to Use Binge

To start using Binge, simply download the app and create an account. You'll then select which streaming services you subscribe to, ensuring you receive recommendations for content you can actually access.

The Binge app
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Content on Binge is presented in a story format, allowing you to swipe left or right to browse through viewing suggestions. This interactive format is complemented by articles that delve deeper into various series and films, offering insights and helping you make informed choices.

When you find something interesting, tapping on the title reveals where it can be streamed. A convenient watch button allows you to start viewing immediately, provided you have a subscription to the relevant service. There's also a 'watch list' button to save titles for future viewing, consolidating your interests across multiple platforms.

Additionally, the app features a bell icon, likely for notifications about new episodes or related news, and an option to swipe up for more detailed information about the content, such as the number of seasons and episodes.

Binge's home screen includes a filter button, where you can refine your recommendations based on the streaming services you use and your preferred genres. For instance, you can exclude romantic comedies and focus solely on westerns if that's your preference. If you prefer a broader range, the search button allows you to apply filters on a per-search basis, providing flexibility in how you discover new content.

Binge is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.