Make your old PC run faster by turning off just one program!

Make your old PC run faster by turning off just one program!

If your old Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer is running slow, don't buy a new one right away. Disabling one background service can help speed it up without affecting the stability of your system.

Do you have an old computer that runs smoothly but is already slow to handle the modern applications and tasks you want it to do? So, do you need to buy a new one? It seems that the modern consumer mentality, fueled by advertising from device manufacturers, says just that. However, you will shell out hundreds of dollars for a new laptop. Meanwhile, what if you give new life to your old device that has served you faithfully for years? What if you tried a simple trick that will speed up your PC and allow you to wait to spend money? This is possible, and here we will tell you how to do it, even if you are not an advanced Windows user.

An older Windows computer with a slow hard drive and limited RAM can be significantly slowed down by the fact that it has a service enabled by default called SysMain (it was called "SuperFetch" until 2018). This utility running in the background is designed to optimize the performance of Windows, but if the capacity of the RAM and hard drive is limited, then it can lead to the exact opposite result, that is, cause high disk, CPU or memory (RAM) load. Disabling it will speed up your PC without causing any harm to your system since it has no vital function for the functioning or security of your system.

Follow these steps to disable SysMain/SuperFetch.

  • On the taskbar, find the Search bar and type SERVICES.MSC in it and press Enter.
  • You will see the line SysMain. Double click on it.
  • Find Startup Type and click the down arrow next to it.
  • Select the "Disabled" option.
  • Click on Stop Button and then confirm your choice by clicking on Apply/OK.
  • Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Now your computer will work faster, since it has freed up a significant part of the hard drive and RAM previously occupied by the SysMain/SuperFetch utility. But that's not all: you can also use other tricks to speed up your old computer. In this article we have collected tips on how to extend the life of your PC.