A Woman Accidentally Closed a Browser With 7,470 Bookmarks: She Had Been Using It Continuously for 2 Years

A Woman Accidentally Closed a Browser With 7,470 Bookmarks: She Had Been Using It Continuously for 2 Years

Meet Hazel, a woman who accidentally closed her browser with 7,470 tabs open.

Have you ever thought about how many tabs you keep open in your browser? For most people, it's usually around 5 to 10. But then there's Hazel. She's an engineer from the US capital who had a little accident with her browser that turned into quite the adventure. You see, Hazel accidentally closed her browser one day, and she didn't just lose a few tabs – she lost 7,470 tabs! And what's even more surprising is that she has had these tabs for over two years.

Just picture Hazel's typical day: she's clicking away on her browser, hopping from one tab to another, all while adding more and more tabs to her collection. For her, it was like second nature, until one day, disaster struck.

It was April 30th, just an ordinary day for Hazel, or so she thought. She went to close a tab, but instead of closing just one, she accidentally closed the entire browser window. And in that split second, 7,470 tabs vanished into thin air. Can you imagine the shock?

You might be wondering, how the browser supports so many tabs at the same time. Well, Hazel says "Firefox is quite memory efficient and isn't actually loading the websites unless I click on the tab—so it's not very resource intensive".

Feeling utterly defeated, Hazel turned to her online friends for help and wrote a post on Twitter. Some felt sorry for her, while others couldn't believe she had that many tabs open in the first place! But amid the chaos, one person shared their browser mishap – they had 24,166 tabs open on their phone!

In an interview, Hazel said, "I like to scroll back and see clusters of tabs from months ago — it's like a trip down memory lane on whatever I was doing/learning about/thinking about." So, when the tabs were recovered, she said, "I feel like a part of me is restored."

With the encouragement of her online buddies and a little bit of tech savvy, Hazel set out to retrieve her lost tabs. It wasn't easy, but after some clever tricks and perseverance, she finally managed to restore her bookmarks.

After this case, Mozilla representative said the following "We're working hard to provide people with even better tools for managing dozens to thousands of tabs. While we think it's amazing that anyone has 7,000 active tabs, it also shows the degree to which tab management is a common problem."

Hazel's story is a reminder for all of us who rely so heavily on our browsers. It shows that one wrong click can erase years of digital memories in an instant. So the next time you find yourself with too many tabs open, maybe consider tidying up a bit – your future self will thank you!