Two New Smart Tricks in Google Maps

Two New Smart Tricks in Google Maps

Google Maps makes life with an electric car a little easier.

Google Maps continues to enhance its features, and the latest updates are particularly beneficial for electric vehicle (EV) owners and those navigating unfamiliar roads. 

Enhanced EV charging station locator

The first upgrade is a game-changer for EV owners using Android phones. Finding a charging station has never been easier. Once you open Google Maps, tap the filter button located under the main search bar at the top of the screen. From there, select "charging stations" to display all the available EV chargers in your area. This feature is especially convenient for planning longer trips or finding a quick charge in unfamiliar areas.

However, to access this feature, you must have an electric vehicle registered in your Google Maps profile. If you haven't done this yet, navigate to the settings menu, look for "your vehicle," and add your EV details under "your electric car." Additionally, you can specify the charging plug your car uses, ensuring that the search results are tailored to your needs.

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Detailed road views

The second update is subtle but incredibly useful. Previously, when you searched for a road without specifying a house number, Google Maps would place a marker somewhere in the middle of the road. Now, with the new update, the entire length of the road you're searching for will be highlighted in blue. This visual enhancement makes it much easier to understand the full extent of the road, including its starting and ending points.

This feature is particularly helpful when you're planning routes or exploring new areas. It gives a clear visual representation of the road's layout, helping you gauge distances and better understand the geography of your surroundings. Whether you're navigating a busy city or a rural area, having the entire road highlighted simplifies the process and reduces the chances of taking a wrong turn.

Both of these updates might seem minor at first glance, but they significantly improve the user experience. For EV owners, the ability to quickly locate charging stations based on your specific vehicle's needs removes a lot of the guesswork and stress associated with finding a compatible charger. Meanwhile, the enhanced road view feature aids in navigation and provides a clearer picture of your intended route.

In conclusion, these latest updates to Google Maps show the app's continuous evolution to meet the needs of its users. By integrating practical features like the EV charging station locator and detailed road views, Google Maps is not just a navigation tool but a more intelligent assistant in your daily travels.