Microsoft's banned list: No upgrade if these Windows tools are installed

Microsoft's banned list: No upgrade if these Windows tools are installed

To avoid issues with new versions of Windows, Microsoft maintains banned lists for drivers and installed programs that could cause problems. Here's the prohibited list for the upcoming Windows version 24H2.

Microsoft generally wants users to transition to newer Windows versions promptly, but without encountering issues. For this reason, they implement what are called Safeguard Holds.

"Microsoft uses quality and compatibility data to identify issues that might cause a Windows client feature update to fail or roll back. When we find such an issue, we might apply safeguard holds to the updating service to prevent affected devices from installing the update in order to safeguard them from these experiences. We also use safeguard holds when a customer, a partner, or Microsoft internal validation finds an issue that would cause severe effect (for example, rollback of the update, data loss, loss of connectivity, or loss of key functionality) and when a workaround isn't immediately available." says Microsoft in its official statement on the 'Learn' section. 

If problematic drivers or programs are detected on the system, which could clash with an update, the new Windows version won't be offered initially. Resourceful enthusiasts at Deskmodder have decrypted Microsoft's current prohibited list for Windows 11 24H2.

These are the tools that are going to block the update to Windows 11 24H2

These programs and drivers could prevent the update to Windows 11 version 24H2 in the fall, as they already block the transition to pre-release versions in the Insider Program:

  • ConisioAdmin.exe (Solidworks PDM)
  • EaseUS Disk Copy.exe (EaseUS Disk Copy Application)
  • ep_dwm.exe (ExplorerPatcher) Included since 22H2
  • iCloudServices.exe (iCloud files shared in Explorer via WhatsApp) Since 23H2
  • RadeonSoftware.exe (AMD GPU perf settings) Since 23H2
  • StartAllBackCfg.exe (StartAllBack) Included since 22H2
  • Multi-mon + Copilot (Microsoft)
  • MergeSdb (Microsoft)
  • Intel IntcOED.sys (Intel)
  • Intel IntcAudioBus.sys (Intel) (%WinDir%\System32\drivers\IntcAudioBus.sys)
  • Realtek 8192su Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter (Realtek) (%WinDir%\System32\drivers\RTL8192su.sys)

Users can prepare their system for an upcoming feature update. This includes backing up important data. Updating drivers and programs usually helps against Safeguard Holds.

If users are using tools that significantly alter the system, updating them won't resolve the issue. In such scenarios, the only remedy is to uninstall these tools, proceed with the Windows upgrade, and then reinstall the software. However, this course of action should be taken cautiously, ensuring that the programs are compatible with the new Windows version. If there's any uncertainty, it's prudent to hold off on the upgrade until compatibility is confirmed.

To check if a Safeguard Hold affects them, users can look in Windows Update. An available update won't be offered for installation; instead, it'll say the update is coming soon. Clicking on "Learn more" will reveal which driver or program is preventing the upgrade.