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    September 2022

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    • Windows 10 Pro vs. Home: What's the difference?

      While Windows 10 Home is intended for a casual use, Windows10 Pro will primarily be of interest to SMEs and professionals requiring access to specific administration or security features. What are the differences between Windows 10 Home and the Pro edition? Which edition of Windows 10 is right for you? All you need to know is in this article.

    • Security settings do not allow this file to be dowloaded

      Security settings are an integral part of computing. These settings not only guard against unauthorized access but also protect against any kind of malware or virus attacks, coming from the internet or external drives. It is important to choose these security settings judiciously otherwise day-to-day computer activities like downloading can be hindered. Follow this guide for a detailed explanation.

    • Disk boot failure: how to fix it for Windows Xp, 7, 10

      When starting your computer system, a 'disk boot failure - insert system disk' error can occur for several reasons, including either hardware or software changes. It is possible to fix the disk boot failure error by restoring the boot sector in the case of corrupt system files. If the disk is damaged, partitioning the disk and reinstalling the operating system will solve the problem.

    • Best phone battery life (2022)

      A great smartphone comes with a great battery without sacrificing other aspects and features. If you are looking for a device with amazing battery life, then you should check the selection we made for you.

    • Find a Wi-Fi password in Windows

      Whether you have forgotten a Wi-Fi password that was assigned to you or a password that you have chosen, all is not lost. You can use your computer to retrieve your forgotten WiFi password. Continue reading to find out how to do so.

    • Amazon Prime Day 2: Prime Early Access Sale date, best deals

      Lately, Amazon made an announcement: there will be a second Amazon Prime Day. The retailer calls it the Prime Early Access Day, but it's pretty much the same as the usual Amazon Prime Day held in July: good deals on electronics, low prices, and a large selection of items. Here's what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 1 and 2!

    26 September
    • How to connect to Wi-Fi: iPhone, iPod

      The iPhone or iPod can be connected to a LiveBox Wi-Fi in a few quick and easy steps. Here we reveal to you the simple steps you can follow to quickly connect your iPhone or iPod to any Wi-Fi hotspot.

    • Best budget gaming chairs (2022)

      You may be used to gaming from your sofa, or sitting in front of your PC on a typical office chair, however spending hours in these positions whilst you game can put unnecessary stress on your back. This article will explore the key features and functions of a gaming chair and show you some of the best gaming chairs to improve your gaming comfort.

    • How to fix a blue screen on Windows

      The Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD on Windows indicates a system crash. Here we tell you what you need to understand when the error codes are displayed.

    23 September
    • Best browsers for Windows 10 (2022)

      Windows 11 is officially here - however, it will take some time before it becomes the dominant OS version among Windows users. If you are still hesitant whether to get it or not or if your PC looks like it will have a hard time running it, it may be a good idea to see how you can optimize your Windows 10. To help you do so, we made a compilation of the best web browsers for this OS, that will help you get the most out of it before switching to Windows 11. So wait no more and read on!

    • Change computer system language: Windows 7, Windows 10

      Computer users are often faced with the ordeal of changing the pre-set language of their operating system, either from English to the language of their choice or from another language to English. However, with some basic formatting knowledge, customising your OS is simple. This do-it-yourself procedure works for most updated versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

    • What is AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) and how does it work

      AGP is the short-term for Accelerated Graphics Port and is concretely a point-to-point bus. The bus, compatible with IBM computers, is hence used as a Local Bus and operates as a Peripheral Component Interface that includes 20 supplementary signals not currently found on a PCI bus.

    • Black Friday 2022 best deals: Best Buy, Amazon, Apple

      Black Friday is upon us again and with it, the possibility of buying a multitude of products at significant discounts. In this article we will look at a handful of products to keep an eye on this Black Friday. This article will get updated with some of the best deals once they are known.

    22 September
    • How to buy a refurbished iPhone: from Apple, Back market

      Nowadays we have the possibility to buy used or semi-new iPhones for a considerably reduced price compared to a new one. These are reconditioned iPhones, meaning that they've been reviewed with a special service that inspects the phone and makes the proper repairs to make it good as new. This system brings the old smartphone back to a complete functionality and it's ready to pass onto the hands of it's next owner.

    • The best screen resolution: for gaming, for TV, for eyes

      The screen resolution refers to the number of pixels on the screen. A resolution of 1920x1080 means there are 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. Higher resolution means more pixel information, resulting in a better image quality. However, when choosing the ideal screen resolution for each case, several factors must be taken into account, in addition to the price.

    • How to edit, modify, restore the hosts file?

      The hosts file (/etc/hosts on Unix based system) is the first step in the translation of a FQDN hostname to the IP address format. When making a DNS request on any address server on the web, this file is queried first. For each name present in this file, a connection will be opened to the defined IP address. It works just like a telephone directory.

    • How does a computer program work?

      A program's behavior depends on the type of language used to write the program. Nonetheless, almost all programming languages are based upon the same principle. This article will explain how a computer program works.

    21 September
    • How to restore the snipping tool in Windows 7

      Unlike the Windows 7 Starter version, where the Snipping tool feature was completely removed, you can still access it under the other versions of Windows 7, through this simple procedure explained in this article.

    • SSD or HDD: Which is better? For storage, for backup

      When choosing storage for a computer, one of the most frequently asked questions is which of the following is better: HDD or SSD? The truth is that there are several differences between both and the choice of one of the other ultimately depends on what your intended use is and what your storage needs are. In this article we will explain the characteristics of each one, which one is faster, and how to choose yours.

    • How to install a missing .dll file?

      It can occur that you are missing a .dll file (Dynamic Link Library). They are use by many programs to share functions. The most common instance of needing a dll file is when you are trying to fix a DLL error. In this short article we will show you where to find dll files.

    • How to split a file in Linux: split, merge

      Linux has plenty of swift, easy, and practical commands you can use, including splitting or merging files with a single command. Come discover how to break any file you want seamlessly.

    • How to fix Active Desktop recovery error message

      It is common that Windows shows error messages but how do you remove them ? If you are getting the Active Desktop Recovery error message at Windows startup, follow the procedure in the article below.

    20 September
    • How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows

      System restore is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It allows the rolling back of system files, installed programs, registry keys, etc. to an earlier state in case of a system breakdown. Windows can even create restore points automatically when you need them the most. This article explains you how to create a restore point.

    • Java Servlet Development Kit (JDSK) installation

      JSDK (Java Servlet Development Kit) is a package containing all the classes and interfaces needed to develop servlets. JSDK also contains a web server and servlet engine to test your creations. The servlet engine provided in JSDK is a basic one (but free). In this article we will show you how to install and run it on your device.

    • "Open with" option not showing Windows 7

      The "Open With" function is a very useful option to have as a Windows user, especially when opening unknown files. If however, your "open with" function has gone missing on Windows 7, do not worry as we will show you how to restore this feature in the article below.

    • Best phones for photography: 2022

      Taking good quality photos isn't reserved for professional photographers and this is why when choosing a new smartphone, the camera characteristics can be a decisive factor. However, this can be complicated because different companies use different technologies, which translates into a variety of approaches to photography. In addition to this, there are the user's personal preferences and needs. In this article we have chosen some of the best phone cameras.

    15 September
    13 September
    • The best pet gadgets of 2022

      For those who like to indulge and spoil their pets, or perhaps just want to keep an eye on what they're up to, technology can make the job easier with alternative and useful gadgets that can come in handy for pet owners. From pet trackers with GPS location to automatic feeders, we share our selection of apps to take care of your best friend.

    12 September
    • Partitioning a hard drive: for Mac, Windows, and Linux

      Partitioning means writing the hard drive sectors that will make up the partition table. It contains information on the partition, including sector size, position with respect to the primary partition, types of partitions present, operating systems installed, etc. When a partition is created, it is given a volume name, which allows it to be easily identified. Read on for more information.

    • What is the difference between intranet and extranet?

      If you've ever worked in a large corporation, you've probably already worked with the intranet or extranet. In simple words, an Intranet is a private network and a database that is restricted and can only be accessed by company employees. An Extranet is accessible to outside contractors. In this article, we will explain to you what is the difference between intranet and extranet and how both of them function.

    9 September
    • How to create a Local Area Network (LAN)?

      When you have several computers, it can be convenient to connect them to each other to create a Local Area Network (LAN). Setting up such a network is a simple process shown in this article.

    • What is a computer bus: interface, types, architecture

      In computing, a bus is defined as a set of physical connections (for example, cables, printed circuits, etc.) that multiple hardware components can share in order to communicate with one another. The purpose of buses is to reduce the number of pathways needed for communication between the components by carrying out all communications over a single data channel. This is why the metaphor of a data highway is sometimes used.

    • How to assemble a PC: a guide for beginners

      A PC is a modular computer that can be assembled using hardware components made by different manufacturers. This allows you to have a custom-built computer that matches your specific needs. This article will explain to you the elements involved in assembling a PC.

    2 September
    • Computer buses: ISA, MCA and VLB, differences

      Expansion buses (sometimes called peripheral buses) have connectors that allow you to add a computer's expansion cards (peripherals). Different types of standard internal buses are characterized by their shape, the number of connector pins, and the type of signals (frequency, data, etc.). Read on to learn more about computer buses.

    • FAT16 and FAT32: characteristics and differences

      The first file system to be used in a Microsoft operating system was the FAT system, which uses a file allocation table. This table is an index that creates a list of disk contents to record the location of files on the disk. Since the blocks that make up a file are not always stored contiguously on the disk (a phenomenon called fragmentation), the allocation table allows the file system's structure to be maintained by creating links to the blocks that make up the file.