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    December 2023

    20 December
    • What is laser space communication and what does it give us?

      On December 11, 2023, the American space agency NASA for the first time sent high quality video from deep space to Earth using a laser. The signal transmission took a matter of seconds. Here we will explain to you why this experiment is so important for the future and what this technology represents.

    14 December
    • What is an AI Influencer: on Instagram, girl, generator

      In the rapidly evolving social media landscape, a new phenomenon has emerged - AI Influencers. These virtual characters, created through generative AI, are changing the Influencer landscape. In this article will look at what defines an AI Influencer, how they work and how to create one.

    12 December
    8 December
    • Backspace not working in Word: how to fix the issue

      Microsoft Word provides many features to create a document in a simple and convenient manner. However sometimes some small problems creep in and some of the keys stop working properly. A malfunctioning backspace key is a well known problem that can be easily fixed. Follow the simple steps below to make sure yours is configured correctly.

    7 December
    • How to increase download speed on Windows 10

      Have you noticed that your files take longer to download on Windows 10 than before? If so, this may be caused by several reasons. However, don't worry—there are many ways to fix this issue. Read on to discover how to resolve the problem and identify its cause.

    5 December
    • How to round up in VBA, VB6 and rounded, Int

      The Round() function returns a number rounded to the specified number of decimal places (2, down...). However, sometimes this function does not perform the operation correctly. In this article we show you how to solve it using another method.