Pool Payday: 8 Ball Billiard‪s‬ free for iOS

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If you are a fan of pool games, you will probably love Pool Payday. In it, you can play pool, practice ball positioning, score for speed, learn new tricks, and even participate in competitions, leagues, and tournaments, compete with other players and earn real money.


  • Pool game practice: Improve your pool game skills and learn new tricks, how to find the best position for a shot, call pockets, and more with Pool Payday.
  • Money prizes: Turn Pro and participate in competitions and tournaments in order to compete with other players in real-time and earn cash prizes that you can redeem afterward via Paypal, Apple Pay, and other services.
  • Unlimited play: You can play the game as much as you like, there are no energy or lives that you can lose.
  • Extra score: You can earn some extra score for speed, ball positioning, tricks, bank shots, and called pockets.

Game modes

In Pool Payday you can choose from 2 modes: real-time or offline. In real-time you will take turns with your opponent and play against each other, whether in the offline mode you will be playing alone and collecting points while practicing your skills.

How to earn money with Skillz?

Pool Payday is developed by Skillz, a popular company that runs a lot of mobile games where you can earn money. As in its other games, you can earn some money with Pool Payday. If you win your first 10 games of each one of Skillz games, you will be rewarded with a $2 bonus cash. For each friend, you bring to the game you receive another bonus cash. To earn money in tournaments and leagues, you need to upgrade your free Pool Payday account to a Pro account and start participating in tournaments and leagues, invest money in it (even $10), and win over other participants.

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