Reeder 5 free for iOS

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  • Developer Silvio Rizzi
  • Version 5.0.5
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

Reeder 5 allows you to follow all the news by grouping Reeder, RSS Reader, and read later clients in one app. It was developed by Silvio Rizzi.

What are the key features of Reader 5?

  • iCloud Feeds: thanks to the built-in RSS/Feeds service, all your feeds and articles will synchronize on all your devices.
  • iCloud Read Later: this feature allows you to store all your data securely in iCloud. You can also add links that are outside of Reeder.
  • Widgets (iOS): you can configure to only show items from feeds, folders, searches, or tags.
  • Bionic Reading: to help you stay focused, the app supports Bionic Reading, which means that your eye will be guided by typographic highlights when reading.
  • Mark Items: with Reeder 5 you can mark items as you read and scroll.
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How does Reeder 5 work?

The interface of the app is pretty user-friendly. You can browse by folder, by feed, undread, add articles to favorites, activate the Bionic Reading feature.

Is Reeder 5 safe?

Reeder 5 has no history of security issues or of abusive data collecting. The app seems as safe as any other Apple news feed app.

Is Reeder 5 free?

You can purchase this app for $4.99.

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