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  • Developer Fabien Conus
  • Version 2.0.3r2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Disclaimer: this software is discontinued. Thus, it may no longer work on your computer, or run with recurring error messages. This page is kept for informative purposes.

PDFLab is a Mac application designed for merging or splitting PDF documents. It also allows creating new PDFs using image files and encrypting them.

Key Features

  • Merging PDFs: PDFLab allows its user to merge multiple PDF documents into a single one. They just have to drag-and-drop items together in their preference order. It is possible to separate pages by inserting images or just a blank sheet between them.
  • Splitting: This program has the same ability to split a PDF file into several segments. Before processing, the user has the opportunity to specify how the pages will be separated. They can opt for a division in even or odd order.
  • PDF creation: This tool can also assist in the design of new PDF files using images. The drag-and-drop system still works in this case. The user can define the page size by adjusting it to the images' or applying any other custom settings.
  • Protection: PDFLab includes a feature for encrypting PDFs in order to protect them against unauthorized access. The user can lock the access with a password. It prevents not only opening and editing documents but also copying.

Is It Free?

You can download and use this software for free.