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  • Developer Johann Löfflmann
  • Version 3.0.0
  • License Freeware
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Jarfix is a free, lightweight solution to fix your computer's registry and restore the association between the Java .exe file and the .jar file. Although adjusting the registry each time this problem arises manually is possible, it's quicker and simpler to use Jarfix.

What is Jarfix?

JAR is a package file format used to aggregate and share several Java class files and associated resources. The thing is that .jar files are run by javaw.exe, and sometimes some programs hijack the extension, putting you at risk.

You could argue that a workaround could be to completely reinstall the Java Runtime Environment or fix the Windows Registry manually each time this problem occurs, but it is time-consuming and error-prone. Luckily, Jarfix is a simple standalone utility solution that can restore the .jar association with javaw.exe in a secure way.

What are the key features of Jarfix?

  • Lightweight: Jarfix is only a small executable file (less than 1MB in size) you can store wherever you want, and it does not consume resources.
  • Optional parameters: Jarfix already fixes the issue without any additional parameters. Nonetheless, you may need some custom behaviors in some scenarios, like fixing both a 64-bit and 32-bit Java Runtime Environment on Windows x64, restoring the .jar-association for the current user account only (handy when you don't have admin permissions), and more.
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  • Configuration file: You can feed Jarfix with an alternate configuration file and get an extra automation layer when you launch it.
  • Secure: It only does what it has been designed for, repairing the .jar association.
  • Standalone: You can carry it wherever you go, as it does not need to be installed.

How to use Jarfix?

Use Jarfix

To run this utility, double-click on jarfix.exe, which will restore the .jar association with javaw.exe.

Optional parameters

  1. To list all the optional parameters, you can open the console where jarfix.exe is located and run jarfix.exe /h.
  2. Alternatively, you can find all these parameters on the official website.

Configuration file

  1. Create a file with the same name as the .exe but with a .ini extension.
  2. The .ini file has to be in the same folder where the .exe is stored.
  3. Options on the command line are concatenated with the options in the config file.
  4. Consult the sample configuration file for more help.

Is Jarfix free?

Yes, Jarfix is entirely free to use.

Is Jarfix safe?

Yes, Jarfix is considered safe to use.