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Dive into the heart of your apps with Resource Hacker, a simple yet powerful Windows tool. It's your go-to for tweaking, viewing, and compiling resources in executables and libraries. Whether through its user-friendly GUI or command-line, it's perfect for those looking to personalize their software. A must-have for developers and tech enthusiasts alike!

What is Resource Hacker?

Resource Hacker is a comprehensive resource editor tailored for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows applications. It functions as a resource compiler for *.rc files, as well as a decompiler, granting you the ability to view and edit resources within executables (*.exe; *.dll; *.scr, etc.) and compiled resource libraries (*.res, *.mui).

Beyond its intuitive graphical user interface, Resource Hacker extends its versatility through command-line options for compiling and decompiling resources. This dual functionality makes it an indispensable tool for users ranging from beginners to advanced developers, facilitating direct manipulation of application resources for customization or optimization purposes.

What are the key features of Resource Hacker?

  • Compiling and decompiling: It allows you to open and compile resource script files and create a new resource script file from scratch. Regarding resource definition statements, various directives are available, and you can nest statements to multiple levels. Before compiling, you can quickly get a view of the compiler error messages.

  • Resource editing: You can modify most resources within Windows binaries, including strings, images, dialogs, menus, VersionInfo, and Manifest resources. It supports creating resource files from scratch and offers text templates. By the way, Menu and Dialog resource types have their own WYSIWYG designers. Still, note that binary resources cannot be edited directly.

  • Unleash your inner power: Combining decompiling, resource editing, and compiling, you can now use Resource Hacker to modify your piece of software in many ways, including reducing its size, adding new resources, deleting resources, and replacing or renaming target resources.

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  • Resource viewing: After opening a file, Resource Hacker displays the inner resources in a well-categorized list so you can easily browse and find those you seek. Two main display modes are available: Editor View and Binary View.

  • User interface: The software has a user-friendly interface with a menu bar, toolbar, resource window, and script window, making it easy to create, load, save, find, and compile resources.

  • Command line friendly: Almost all functionalities available can also be used from the command line, making it convenient for automating tasks through scripts or batch files.

How to use Resource Hacker?

Browse resources

Once Resource Hacker is installed, delving into its capabilities reveals a seamless experience for navigating application resources. Opening a file showcases its resources as a structured list, with folders named after their content types like AVI, Cursor, Bitmap, Icon, Menu, Dialog, and more. This organization allows for easy identification and access to desired resources. You can save the contents in various formats for later use.

  1. To begin, select "File >> Open" from the menu bar and choose the resource file you wish to explore.
  2. The resources will appear as a categorized list in the left panel.
  3. Simply use the "Save As" button to save a specific resource component.

Example of resource alteration

Launch Resource Hacker and open the program you wish to modify, like a .exe file with a built-in icon.

  1. Navigate to the icon folder to locate the icon you intend to replace. Use the 'Replace Icon' option. It's important to note the size of the current icon displayed at the window's bottom, as your new icon must match this size for consistency.
  2. Proceed to the 'Replace Icon' dialogue, where you'll select and open your desired new icon, ensuring it replaces the original icon effectively.
  3. To finalize, hit the 'Replace' button. This action updates the program with your selected icon, with Resource Hacker automatically adjusting all lower-resolution variants to match the new icon. Saving the changes embeds the new icon into the program, making it visible in the system with your updates applied.

If you need to consult more tutorials, check these official guides.

Is Resource Hacker free?

It is absolutely free to use, has no nags, no ads, and is fully functional.

Is Resource Hacker safe?

Yes, Resource Hacker is totally safe to use.