• Microsoft Access is one of the Microsoft Office suite programs and provides high-standard data processing tools to help you handle, manage, and process all your data. Regardless of... License : Demo | OS : Windows 64 bits, Windows 32 bits
  • We often forget to update our programs, and our work is usually delayed. To overcome this problem, Borland Database Engine has been created to perform BDL applications update. It is... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • It is important to have the right tool when one wants to analyze data. This is why AquaFold created Aqua Data Studio, a program for visual analyzing data and much more. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • Visual Basic Database Projects is a self-study step-by-step computer programming guide for those who wish to learn the basics of programming language. It has four different self-study... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • MySQL is known as one of the most popular open-source database management systems. It is also the most practical language used to develop web applications. It can be used in database... License : Open Source | OS : Windows
  • V-Tools is an add-on for Microsoft Access. It allows users to manage databases more efficiently and provides a faster search option. License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • WampServer is a complete "apache-friendly" package that allows you to easily install and configure the latest Apache web server, PHP programming language, and MySQL database server.... License : Freeware | OS : Windows
  • pgAdmin 4 is a PostgreSQL database management program that helps users to write SQL queries and perform other database-related tasks. License : Freeware | OS : Windows