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MySQL is known as one of the most popular open-source database management systems. It is also the most practical language used to develop web applications. It can be used in database design, modeling, and more.

What are the key features of MySQL?

  • MySQL Workbench: The application displays a data architect that manages, designs, and generates a database. As far as it concerns open source, the developer can edit the database. Consequently, it can write, run and debug SQL statements.
  • Partitioning: That process helps the designer or developer enhance database performance and simplify its management. The program gives different methods of separation such as range, list, columns, hash, key, or sub-partitioning.
  • Connectors: Modeling or managing databases can be done in C or C++ languages. Moreover, the application gives standard drives for JDBC and ODBC so that developers can build database applications in their own language.
  • Replication: Most famous social networks handle MySQL replication. It facilitates complex chained replication topologies to achieve abundant scalability. Otherwise, your system will easily handle a growing amount of work.

How does MySQL work?

After you’ve downloaded the MySQL installer, MySQL program works as a database management system so it creates databases for storing and handling data.

Is MySQL free?

To get a free trial version of the software you must register on its official website. After the trial period, you can purchase the program license for $2000.

Is MySQL safe?

MySQL is a safe and widely used program, so you shouldn’t worry about its safety. Moreover, you can read more and follow free webinars about security in MySQL.

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