StorageCrypt free for PC

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  • Developer Magiclab
  • Version 4.1.0
  • License Shareware
  • Language en

StorageCrypt is an encryption tool that can protect data on mobile devices with 128 bits encryption. StorageCrypt hasn't been updated by its creator, however it is still available for download for the appointed operating systems.

What are the key features of StorageCrypt?

  • Encryption, the software can encrypt and protect all kinds of removable drives such as a USB hard drive, eSATA hard drives, firewire hard drives, SD card, pen drive or other. It also supports multi-partition giving the ability to set each partition as private or public.
  • Password-protected, before starting to use the software, users will be asked to enter a password in order to protect files kept in the drive. The length of the password can reach up to 50 characters and can be easily updated.
  • Portable, it's lightweight and easy to move which makes StorageCrypt quite efficient. Users can bring it everywhere in their device. This way, the user can encrypt and decrypt drives without having the software installed on each computer system used.
  • Security, StorageCrypt offers 128 bits AES encryption algorithm. It provides the highest level of security in order to protect your files and information.
  • User friendly, StorageCrypt is an easy to use tool and the interface is intuitive and simple.

Is ir free?

The trial free version lasts 7 days, afterwards the license use must be purchased