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Meet EarTrumpet, your new audio sidekick for Windows! It's like having a backstage pass to your computer's sound system. EarTrumpet isn't just a volume control tool; it's a slick, user-friendly companion that lets you dance through your devices, visualize your audio, and tweak your settings effortlessly.

What is EarTrumpet?

EarTrumpet stands as an innovative audio management tool tailored for Windows users, offering a nuanced approach to controlling and enhancing your audio environment. Seamlessly integrated into the Windows operating system, EarTrumpet provides you with an intuitive standalone volume mixer, empowering you to adjust audio levels with ease and precision.

What are the key features of EarTrumpet?

  • Visualize your sound: Ever wanted to see your audio in action? EarTrumpet lets you visualize your sound with multi-channel-aware peaking. It's not just about adjusting the volume; it's about feeling the vibe.
  • Mixer on the go: Say goodbye to hunting through menus for that elusive volume mixer. EarTrumpet brings you a standalone volume mixer, giving you control at your fingertips. There's no fuss, just instant audio mastery.
  • Move and groove: Switching between playback devices has never been smoother. EarTrumpet lets you effortlessly move your apps between devices, making sure your tunes follow you seamlessly.
  • Master of defaults: Take charge of your default playback devices with ease. EarTrumpet puts you in control, ensuring your preferred devices are always at the forefront of your audio experience.
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  • Stay updated, hassle-free: Automatic updates via the Microsoft Store keep you on the cutting edge without lifting a finger. EarTrumpet evolves with you, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest.
  • Style your sound: Personalize your experience with support for light/dark mode and all accent colors. EarTrumpet adapts to your vibe, ensuring your audio world looks as good as it sounds.
  • Hotkeys for the win: Tired of endless clicking? Configure your own hotkeys and take command with a tap. EarTrumpet puts you in control, your way.
  • Menu, upgraded: Modern context menus make navigating a breeze. EarTrumpet doesn't just sound good; it looks good too.
  • Speak your language: EarTrumpet is breaking barriers with growing multilingual support. Your audio experience is in good hands, no matter where you're from.

How to use EarTrumpet?

  1. After installing the application on your system, locate its icon on the taskbar.
  2. Hover over the EarTrumpet icon to view the percentage of your current volume.
  3. To access the Volume Mixer and fine-tune your sound levels, left-click on the icon and adjust the sliders according to your preferences.

Is EarTrumpet free?

EarTrumpet is 100% free.

Is EarTrumpet safe?

Yes, EarTrumpet is a safe open-source project, so no worries.