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Voicemod is a free groundbreaking voice changer and background effect player application that allows you to bring your online communication and gaming experience to the next level. Thanks to all the various background effects and voice-changing features, you will be able to create or offer a compelling experience to people with you. Embrace this brand new exciting experience and download the Voicemod file we provide you.

What are the key features of Voicemod?

  • Powerful and groundbreaking: Thanks to Voicemod, you are now able to modify your voice using various effects easily and use audio sounds and effects to create memorable moments for your online experience. Whether you are playing online with your friends, on a live stream with your community, in a chat call, or in a meeting, being able to change your voice and add audio effects will always be a valuable asset to create great moments.
  • Modern and stylish interface: Voicemod offers you a very modern and nice-looking interface where you will be able to fully set up your Voicemod experience. Also, the software allows you to bind every action you want using your keyboard or the famous Stream Deck device.
  • Soundboard: The Soundboard is where you will find all your available sounds, select them, and bind a key or click to play them. The Voicemod’s meme soundboard comes with lots of existing sound, effects, songs, and more are added each month. Thanks to all of that, it will fully empower you to spice up your chat calls, live streams, online multiplayer chat, and more!
  • Create profiles: To make sure you always find the audio content you need depending on the situation, Voicemod lets you create profiles to group sounds by categories or whatever you need (ASMR, horror game, etc.).
  • Add your sound: Even though the Voicemod company and the community add lots of audio content, you will also be able to add your little personal touch by uploading your own files to your soundboard (make sure they are in the .mp3 or .wav format).
  • A huge library: Voicemod also includes tons of audio content in the community-driven library. Many different categories are available, from Characters, Devices, to Horror, Epic, Anime, and more.
  • Voicelab: In the Voicelab panel, you will be able to create your voice-changing effects thanks to the powerful effects pipeline and use them whenever you want. The Voicelab lets you use many effects and combine them in endless possibilities. The available effects include the Vocoder (it mixes your voice with another sound source so that you can make yourself sound like a robot, a T-Rex, etc.), the Wahwah (this is the famous Jimi Hendrix guitar effect), or the Reverb (makes your sound reflect more or less). It also includes Pitch/Double Pitch (It modifies the tone of your voice, making it as if you were an ogre, or as if you aspirated helium), Flanger (a well-known sound effect that allows you to create effects from outer space), Chorus (makes as if you were 1000 saying the same thing, very useful for trolling), and Filters (it removes from your voice the high or low frequencies).

How to install and use Voicemod for PC?

Download and follow the installation instructions of the software. Once installed, you will be prompted to select what microphones and headphones you want to use, choose the one you want (you can change that later in the settings menu). Then you can start browsing the Soundboard panel and testing voices and background effects.

If you want to configure your game or communication app, you can follow the instructions:

  • Make sure the Voicemod app and your communication or game are opened.
  • Go to your app or game settings panel and search for the audio section.
  • If your app or game has an integrated audio input selector, then select the Voicemod Virtual Audio device as the input device (and not as the output), and your headphones or headsets as the output device.
  • If your app or game does not have an integrated audio input selector, you need to set Voicemod Virtual microphone as your default system microphone (“Control Panel > Sound > Recording Tab > Set Voicemod Virtual microphone as the Default device”), and your headphones or headsets as the output device.

If you want to reverse the process, then make sure the Voicemod app and your game or app are opened and select your real microphone as your input device.

Note that you must not use the Voicemod Virtual Audio device as the output because the app needs it internally to work correctly.

If you need an additional piece of information, you can consult the FAQ on the official website.

Is it free?

Voicemod is free to install and use. A paid Voicemod PRO version also exists and is fully featured. The differences between the free and the PRO versions are:

  • Voices: The free version offers you up to 10 random voices every day, and the PRO version offers you over 95 voices.
  • Soundboard and profiles: The free version allows you to use up to 5 slots when the PRO version has unlimited soundboard sounds and sound profiles
  • Exclusive soundboard: This is not available for free users. The PRO version gives you exclusive soundboards with high-quality audio made by the Voicemod team.
  • VoiceLab: This is not available for free users, the PRO version gets you to access to the VoiceLab, the custom voice creator, and the various effects you can combine.

Voicemod and other audio processors designed to modify the tone and format of your voice using effects are entirely legal. You can use them everywhere as long as you do not use them to commit crimes or engage in any kind of harmful behavior.

Is Voicemod safe?

Voicemod is completely safe to use. No data leak or malware has been detected or reported.

What games/apps does Voicemod support?

Thanks to Voicemods’s virtual cable technology, you can theoretically use Voicemod with any app or game. If your game or app has an integrated input selector, then you need to select the Voicemod Virtual Microphone as the input device. It will automatically send audio using the Voicemod app. If your game does not have an integrated input selector, then you must select the Voicemod Virtual Microphone as the default input device in the Windows sound options.

You can easily find some games that are already compatible with Voicemod, including Fortnite, Valorant, PUBG, or GTA V. In addition, some communication and streaming apps are also already compatible with Voicemod, such as Discord, ZOOM, OBS, Streamlabs OBS, or Skype.

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