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  • Version 10.1
  • License Freeware
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iPadian is an efficient iOS simulator providing a faithful experience of what it is to use an iOS device. You have access to quite a lot of applications and games, and the interface, various visual effects, and transitions are just like the original environment.

What is iPadian?

iPadian is an iOS simulator you can experience right from your computer, which is pretty convenient for getting a taste of what it feels like to use an iOS device instead of an Android. You can access a wide range of apps and games but not the App Store.

What are the key features of iPadian?

  • A good simulator: It offers a good simulation of how it feels using an iOS device. It provides all the basic and more advanced applications, the interfaces and transitions are similar, and the overall virtual experience is quite convincing.
  • Apps and games: Even though the App Store is not accessible, you can still access the apps specially designed for the iPadian simulator. Over 1000 apps and games are available, including Facebook, Tiktok, Spotify, WhatsApp, Crossy Road, Instagram, and more.
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  • Not an emulator: Keep in mind that iPadian is a simulator, not an emulator. The difference is that it does not create a virtual environment working on top of your current operating system. Instead, it imitates the appearance and design of essential features of iOS devices.
  • Some drawbacks: iPadian may sometimes encounter some lags and crashes, but it still provides a pretty stable experience, which is enough to know if you are ready to jump into the Apple world.

How to use iPadian?

  1. Once installed, you will get the iOS interface you want to experience.
  2. From the Dashboard, you can access all kinds of apps, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  3. From the search bar, you can look for specific apps.
  4. In the right-side panel, it gives you a list of applications that work as shortcuts to your favorite apps.

Is iPadian free?

It is free to use as is. It also provides a paid version if you want an iPadian experience with more apps and no ads.

Is iPadian safe?

Yes. iPadian is free of any spyware, adware, or viruses. Still, if you care about privacy, you should take the time to uncheck some third-party applications it may install during setup.