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  • Version 0.74-3
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Discover DOSBox, the ultimate gateway to retro gaming and DOS classics! Effortlessly run old games and software on modern systems with superb emulation of graphics, sound, and CPU. From nostalgic adventures to multiplayer fun, DOSBox revives the DOS era with a click.

What is DOSBox?

DOSBox is your time machine for the golden era of gaming and software. It's a brilliant emulator that breathes new life into old DOS games and applications, allowing them to run smoothly on modern operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Whether you're looking to revisit classic games or run legacy software, DOSBox offers seamless CPU, graphics, and sound emulation.

With features like multiplayer over the internet, controller support, and adjustable CPU speeds, it ensures a nostalgic yet smooth experience. Dive into the past with DOSBox and relive the magic of DOS-era computing!

What are the key features of DOSBox?

  • Online or local multiplayer support: It allows you to engage in multiplayer games either over the internet or on local area networks. Indeed, DOSBox enables multiplayer gaming for DOS-based games by emulating serial null modems through TCP/IP protocol and IPX network tunneling.

  • Interface: DOSBox is a command-line solution you can interact with through command-line arguments or by editing a plain text configuration file.

  • Record your session: Another great feature is its ability to record your gaming session, including the screen, the sound, and the mouse. It can also record and store the image or the sound separately.

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  • Controller support: DOSBox offers comprehensive controller support by simulating the PC joystick port. Hence, it can emulate one joystick with four axes and four buttons, a gamepad with two axes and six buttons, and other configurations like the Thrustmaster Flight Control System Joystick.

  • Controls: You can directly change and configure keybindings the way you want through the built-in keymapper. Also, it natively provides helpful bindings, like a fullscreen toggle, play/pause, capture options, and more.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: It works on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux (Debian, Fedora, Gentoo), BeOS, FreeBSD, RISC OS, and Solaris, making it highly accessible for users with different operating systems.

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  • CPU emulation: DOSBox can emulate the Intel x86 CPU in both real and protected modes, which is necessary for running a wide range of DOS programs. Through CPU emulation by interpretation, DOSBox creates an environment entirely independent of the host CPU, allowing it to run DOS applications accurately on various hardware. On systems with x86, ARM, or other RISC instruction sets, DOSBox can utilize dynamic instruction translation to enhance execution speed.
  • Graphics emulation: Leveraging the Simple DirectMedia Layer external library, DOSBox handles graphics, audio, and input seamlessly. It supports DirectDraw or OpenGL APIs for rendering and can enhance visuals through bilinear interpolation and scaling to fit modern displays.

How to use DOSBox?

Using DOSBox can be a bit technical, but you can consult the official tutorial to run your first DOS game.

Is DOSBox free?

Yes, DOSBox is free to use.

Is DOSBox safe?

Don't worry, DOSBox is a safe-to-use open-source project.

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